Grumptronix collaborations released on Hallucination Limited

Q-BAM has done a few tasty remixes and tracks with the one known asGrumptronix. Finally, two of their best efforts are to be released on 12" vinyl thanks to our pals at Hallucination Limited. First up: an unreleased version of the Grumptronix + Q-BAM "This Time" remix. You may have heard this in DJ Three's sets in the past couple of years. On the flip side you will find an extended version of "Remix #1" of Rabbit In The Moon's "FloorI.D.A.". You may recall a shortened version of this on theFuture Past Tense CD. The 12" is in stores now and you can find more information and audio samples here.

Addendum: The Grumptronix + Q-BAM version of "This Time" (featuring vocals by Lisa Shaw) can be found on DJ Three's absolutely fantastic mixed CD Hallucienda.