I was recently contacted by my friend Maitri who I met via this site. Maitri is currently a New Orleans evacuee. She writes:


You've probably been inundated with a ton of Katrina-related info, but I wanted to let you know of three efforts (blogs and wikis) by New Orleans evacuees. I was wondering if you could help spread the word in your physical as well as electronic community so we can, as they say, mobilize America.

1) My personal blog is http://vatul.net/blog/ and it is "on the ground" info as well as resources for evacuees, neighborhood updates and some opinion. CNN/FoxNews and other disaster-tainment coverage is mostly offensive and disappointing - this is the time when net-savvy evacuees can make a difference.

2) The thinkNOLA.com wiki - All types of organized information from resources to pictures and neighborhood updates to aid organization. No opinion.

3) The KatrinaHelp blog at http://katrinahelp.blogspot.com/ - news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. Created by the fine folks who made the most successful Southeast Asian Earthquake & Tsunami blog.


As someone who lived in Louisiana for nearly 15 years of my life, I've been greatly affected by this tragedy. Check out the links above for information on how you can help and to educate yourself on just what exactly is happening. My thoughts go out to everyone affected- friends, family, and otherwise. I'll be involved in at least one Katrina benefit in the near future. Stay tuned here for more details.