New Q-Burns Abstract Message Remixes + Tracks

A number of new remixes and a new track by the Qubes have just shown up for purchase & download on Beatport. All of these are in advance of their releases on vinyl ... so, if you're a DJ, you can get a head start with these cuts. If you just like to listen, you can stick 'em in your iPod and take a little bit of Q-BAM wherever you go. The new tracks are:
Cold Hands - Angel Soup (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
Coming out on Blunted Funk this is one of our favorite recent Q-BAM remixes. Features some nods to Kraftwerk and New Order, and Q-Burns playing a solo on his favorite instrument, the melodica.

PC Synergy - Signal Flow (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
This is an attempt at acid house mariachi music. A bit of a latin-tinged stomper, we've been sitting on this one for a while. It's nice to see it finally out and available for DJs everywhere.

Pez & Plastik - The Grand Wash (Q-BAM Wash House Mix)
Recently completed for the French via Orlando label KW2, this remix is a foray into more 'big room' sounds for the Qubes. We like the weird ambient breakdowns and the floaty bits. A mover and a groover.

Q-Burns Abstract Message - Golden Theme
An original track that was commissioned by Gavin Hardkiss for the Sunburn Golden Hits compilation (which is also fully available on Beatport). This is Q-Burns in the chunky, quirk-a-zoid mode that we know some of you are really into. He's doing some vocals and playing guitar in there, too.

To find these and many more Q-Burns Abstract Message releases be sure to visit the Q-BAM Store.