Q-BAM Releases "YAMB" Remixes On Stay True

To the public at large, these are remixes of a mysterious Q-Burns Abstract Message track called "YAMB". The inside scoop is that these are actually radical re-workings of the Invisible Airline stand-out "You Are My Battlestar". The first mix comes from our Icelandic friend Thor 54 who helms the amazing Thule Musik label. His mix is epic and huge with impressive production. We're tempted to say it's icy and volcanic as well but...well, we just did. On the flip is a banging and severely funked up mix by our Seattle pals Jacob London. We dig it. Both mixes also tweak out the vocals of Lisa Shaw to the point where they are basically another strange instrument in the mix. Wild. You may also be able to spot a manipulated vocal shot from the Qubes himself. This record is available on the French label Stay True, a subsidiary of Brique Rouge.