Q-Burns Abstract Message on TV

We've been getting a lot of confused e-mails from people who are claiming to have had Q-Burns sightings on their television sets. Seems that in a certain public service advertisement involving a girl at a club going to a bathroom stall to call her parents, a quick glimpse of a familiar shoulder-bopping DJ can be seen. Well, we would like to confirm the rumors. This is indeed Mr. Q-Burns Abstract Message. In fact, the music playing in the commercial is the Q-Burns track "Total Maza" from the Eighth Dimension compilation "Selected Material".

We were asked to be in the commercial by a friend of ours who was part of the production team. We appreciated its message of communication between parents and their children as a problem solver as opposed to the usual stereotypical and misinformed 'drugs in clubs' paranoia.

If you watch TV you'll probably see it. This ad is playing all the time, almost way too much. After you see it, then reward yourself by visiting the EMDEF web site to learn what you can do to stop proposed anti-'rave' legislation that is threatening our clubs and our freedoms.