Q-Burns Abstract Update 02.18.02

I've been keeping super busy with gigs and production work. I'm in the studio this week remixing Fila Brazillia which I'm quite excited about, and have just finished mixes for Church Street Recordings and our new Eighth Dimension act Beef Wellington. Soon I'll be in the studio putting together a bevy of new original tracks which I hope to be shopping around at Conference time. Look for new releases of my remixes of Hawke's "Party People" (a remix collaboration with Huggy), Thunderball's "Stereo Tonic" on ESL, Trabant's "Enter Spacebar" on Thule, and Burdy's "Doobie Dada" on Sunshine. I've also done a couple of mixes for Brique Rouge, including Mazi + Colette's "Do You Want Me" and Kram's "Sweet Love" which should be out by the summer.

Winter Music Conference approaches and I'll have tons to promote .... there will be a few new releases on test from my Eighth Dimension label, and the Re-Routed Part 1 remix 12" with remixes by King Britt, Lovesky, Neon Heights, and Funky Transport will be the highlight. Speaking of Winter Music Conference, if you are planning a WMC party and would be interested in my drunken DJ shenanigans, feel free to contact me. It's great to get funky in the sun, eh?