Q-BAM in movies and on TV

Q-Burns Abstract Message says: "You can hear about ten seconds of the my track "Enter/Other" in the trailer for the new Spike Lee movie "The 25th Hour". The movie looks real good, too!

I'm reminded of the time I was playing funk tracks at the Blair Witch Project premiere party in New York City. At one point I looked up and Spike Lee was right in front of me nodding his head and gave me a quick approving grin. That's one of my DJ career highlights (as I'm a big Spike fan).

Also, listen for an appearance of the old track "141 Revenge Street (Mess Of Afros)" in an upcoming episode of the TV show "John Doe". It supposedly accompanies a thrilling chase scene which is perfect because that's the image I had in my head when I recorded the song many years ago."