Q-Burns Update 10.2001

In these last couple of crazy + stressful months, I've been trying tostay out there gigging and DJing all over the place. I figure my job as funkymiester party DJ man is twice as important now as folks want to get out to the clubs, get their minds off the news, and shake their monkeymakers to some chunky new tunes...

So, in addition to recent appearances in Los Angeles, Portland OR, New York City, and Baltimore MD, I've also been lucky enough to pull off a three week, eighteen city Canadian tour. From Halifax to Vancouver, you name a Canadian city and chances are I played there sometime in the end of September. The tour was lots of fun, and definitely an adventure.

I'd also like to announce that I've added a monthly residency for myself at Sonar in Baltimore, which I am extremely excited about as I feel it's one of the best clubs in the US at the moment. This is certainly an honor for your humble DJ.

Plans for December include the beginning of a DJ tour which will possibly last well into the end of January and will see me playing all over the country, in towns big and small. Seems I am going to rent a van with Mr. Robbie Hardkiss and we will be driving it rock n' roll style all over the US doing gigs in what we've tentatively called the "2 Drunk Punks on Funk" tour. We've booked gigs in places such as Austin TX, Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Fayetteville Arkansas, Nashville, Boston, New York, and Toronto and we are adding many more dates in the coming week. I'll keep everyone posted.

On the release front, look for Q-Burns Abstract Message remixes of Moses Leroy, Traktor, Kidney Thieves, Neon Heights, Doctor Olive, 4 Way Fanatics, Hawke, and Burdy. The 12" release for the Q-Burns Abstract Message album track "Shame"is out now, with remixes by Hakan Lidbo, East Coast Boogiemen, and a new mix by yours truly. The Rivera Rotation remix of my album track "This Time" is out on limited white label release and will receive a full release in a couple of months. Both "Shame" and "This Time" feature the lovely vocals of Lisa Shaw.