The return of iHoly Frijoles!

Those of you in Orlando may remember the weekly party I used to do a couple of years back called iHoly Frijoles! It was known for funky vibes, strange people wearing Mexican wrestling masks, heavy drinking, and cool surprise guest DJs flying in from parts unknown. I'm happy to say that we are bringing the party back. We are now going to have iHoly Frijoles! every month at the AKA Lounge in Orlando, Each event we are bringing in a "friend of Q-BAM" and getting all freaky deeky. For our inaugural party on Friday November 22, we are thrilled to host Funky Transport from Scotland, who you may know for his spectacular remix of "Differently" on the Re-Routed CD. Also, stay tuned for iHoly Frijoles! on Friday December 27 when Q-Burns will be joined by Dallas madman Brett Johnson (Classic Music Company, Seasons Recordings).