VOTE! T-shirt Project

vote tshirt

As you may know I'm quite politically concerned and am trying to think of ways I can help raise awareness in the months leading to the upcoming election. I've been trying to figure out how, in my pseudo-lofty position of DJ dude, I can make some difference. Thus, I've collaborated with my friend Laurin Fedora to come up with a t-shirt design. It's basically the word "VOTE!" in a replicated stencil. I'm having a number of these shirts made in different color combinations and then will wear one at each of my US DJ gigs from August until the election.

The idea is this: I know the age demographic that I am mainly playing to (people in their 20's) is traditionally the one that does not vote. This is a shame as the actions of the current administration will resonate strongly in their futures. I don't know if wearing a t-shirt with this design at my gigs will inspire any of these potential voters, but I can hope and have some optimism. Perhaps seeing a DJ in the supposedly apolitical world of dance music caring enough to send a message will inspire a few people.

You can probably guess where my feelings lie and how I will vote in November. It's hardly a secret. But I wanted to keep the message on the shirt non-partisan as I think that explicitly taking sides will turn off pretty much anyone outside of the 'choir'. Thus my simple message of 'VOTE!' which also states my feelings accurately: if more of us voted, then maybe we will find more candidates who truly represent us. And if more of us voted (as opposed to the %40 or whatever miserable statistic that currently stands) I'd feel less disillusioned than I do when these candidates get into office that maybe 20% of our population actually voted for. I think most would agree with me.

Why am I telling you this? Well...I'm wondering if you'd like a piece of the action. Laurin is offering, for a limited time, to make more of these shirts for the public. If you're interested in getting one, then drop an e-mail to Laurin and he'll give you the information that you need. They are cheap...we're charging for materials and time without any profit. It would be great if you could join us to spread a message that couldn't be further from abstract: VOTE! For more about what you can do in this election year, visit Rock The Vote.