Formidable Force - Can You Feel It EP (8TR005)

So - the latest release on my EIGHT-TRACKS label is finally available on 12" and digitally at the finest music outlets worldwide. This one's a hottie that we are particularly proud of. The press release, audio previews, and recommended store information can be found after the break.

Formidable Force - Can You Feel It 12" (EIGHT-TRACKS / 8TR005)

EIGHT-TRACKS is pleased to give you the latest offering from the dynamic duo of Atnarko and Huggy, together known as Formidable Force.

Some definitions from The Dictionary Of Boom-Chk-Boom-Chk :

Atnarko - EIGHT-TRACKS mogul, Nightshift alumni, and rising DJ luminary. Co-conspirator at Orlando's infamous ¡Club Queso!, a club night combining house music and masked wrestling.
Huggy - Ex-pat from Leeds, UK and Back2Basics demigod DJ. Huge fan of The Human League and known for drunkenly speaking in tongues.
Formidable Force - The fused musical energy of Huggy and Atnarko resulting in a bit of top notch sub-woofer movement. Esteemed labels such as 20/20 Vision, Tango, and Detour have been guilty of past Formidable Force 12" releases containing dancefloor-ready moments of gritty funk. The Force is now thankfully with us, as EIGHT-TRACKS unleashes a bouncy 4-tracker on the world: the Can You Feel It EP by Formidable Force.

Two Formidable originals are found within: the breakbeat/house hybrid "Zip Jumper", previously a cornerstone of the Q-Burns Abstract Message mix CD Agave Nectar Vol. 1. Hips everywhere are bound to shake as bass squelch meets bop gun. "Can You Feel It" is more of an expected house pounder with quite a few unexpected quirks and vocal drops thrown about. 80's style influences have been time warped to the 00's via a disco ball-shaped Tardis. The Doctor will see you now.

Top notch remixes come courtesy of pimptastic Boston duo Bon Johnson (Detour, Uniform, Inuendo) and burgeoning Bulgarian producer Kink (Odori, RZmusik). Bon's remix of "Zip Jumper" is a sure-fire winner, a 4-on-the-floor masher filled with bleeps and bloops and whirring funk noises. It's groovy and it's already tearing up clubs on super secret selective promo pre-release. And then Kink's mix of "Can You Feel It" is a frantic version that is so nutty it just might need an audio straight-jacket. Too crazy for the dancefloor? Not at all ... Kink's mix is a builder that rocks a club harder than a 50 foot strobe light.

Formidable Force's Can You Feel It EP is already igniting the DJ booths of selectors such as Hipp-E, Asad Rizvi, Sound Republic, and Johnny Fiasco. It's an eclectic yet dependable vinyl offering of four tracks sure to inhabit record bags for years to come.

EIGHT-TRACKS is thrilled to release this latest collaboration between our good friends Atnarko and Huggy: Formidable Force - Can You Feel It.

Why, yes, we certainly do.

Check the tracks here:

A1 - Can You Feel It
A2 - Can You Feel It (Kink Remix)
B1 - Zip Jumper
B2 - Zip Jumper (Bon Johnson Zip Your Lip Mix)

Here are some recommend shops where you can buy the 12" release:
Tweekin Records / Primal Records / Juno Records UK

Here are some recommended digi-stores where you can buy the digital release:
Stompy / Beatport / DanceFuel / Traxsource / Wasabeat

Please note: The digital release of the Can You Feel It EP contains great bonus remixes by Sleazy McQueen, Chad Neiro, and T.A.R.D. that aren't available on the vinyl issue.

Dive in, funky house music lovers.