Q-BAM & Red Eye - Party As A Verb

I believe a lot of you heard this track in my DJ set at the Blue Collar Entertainment party at Winter Music Conference 2006. It's my house-quaking collaboration with Dallas DJ & booty-poet Red Eye and it's called "Party As A Verb". Well, great news: it's finally out! Yes, thanks to the unpredictability of the music biz these days it's taken that long for this tune to be released to the public. You can listen "Party As A Verb" and its dub in full and find out where to get them after the jump-a-roo. "Party As A Verb" has a long history. The initial beats and melodies were conceived probably around 2003 for use in a remix project which eventually got shelved. Over time it languished in my studio hard-drive until Red Eye phoned me up and asked if I had anything he could add some vocals to. I quickly shipped the track to Dallas via clandestine black helicopter. Red Eye proceeded to put quill to paper and came up with the words and concept behind "Party As A Verb". We went back and forth, trading verses and musical ideas for about a year until, upon completion, the cut was snatched up by Doubledown Recordings. As that was 2006 the story unfortunately did not end there. Like a lot of labels in the past few years Doubledown was hit with a number of roadblocks and difficulties that caused their release schedule to be put on hold. I honestly thought this track would never see the light of day.

I'm pleased to announce that this bit of dancefloor mayhem is finally out and about. "Party As A Verb", backed by the even crunchier "Party As A Dub", is a brand new digital 'pre-release' on Stompy. I assume Beatport and all the other cool digi-stores will soon follow. There is also a vinyl 12" of this imminent, or so I'm told, and I'll update this entry upon its release (fingers crossed!).

"Party As A Verb" was made with a packed, smoke-filled dancefloor in mind. Red Eye's lyrics are phenomenal and hilarious (as usual) and have the same effect as a laser gun set on FREAK. I'm pretty well into the music and beats on this though it definitely harks back to the house sound of 2003 when I first started the track. I think that's a good thing, though. Have a listen in the player below. I hope you dig it.