Remix: Los Mono

My love affair with everything South American continues! I've just remixed a cool band from Chile called Los Mono. I was exposed to the band via the promotional efforts of Giant Step. They played matchmaker by forwarding my positive comments on the band to the label, Sonic360. I'm glad they did because the result is this tripped out, Latin-vocoder infused, dancefloor ready remix that I'm quite proud of. You can check it out after the fold.

The press release on Los Mono gives this interesting tidbit about the band: "Originally forming to compose music for a children’s TV series in Chile, Los Mono were so happy with the outcome that they decided to put it together as an album – Somos Los Que Estamos" My Chilean friend Fernando from the awesome band Rock Hudson told me these other facts about Los Mono: "The guitar player (Funky C) is good friend of mine. And the singer, Sebastian Silva, is one of the best new filmmakers in Chile. Try to see his movie La Vida Me Mata. It's really good." (On a side note, Fernando is a promising new filmmaker as well ... check out the excellent video he directed for the Rock Hudson song "Perry Frankie Miller" by clicking HERE.)

The remixes of "Promesas" are now available on iTunes and also include a remix from DJ Afro of Los Amigos Invisibles. You can check them out on iTunes and possibly purchase them by clicking HERE (link opens iTunes application).

If you'd like to hear the original track "Promesas" by Los Mono (and peep the video) then click HERE.

And here's my remix in its entirety, in the player below. I hope you like it.

Los Mono - Promesas (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)