DJ Mix on Samurai FM

My San Francisco-based buddies at Hector Works and Blunted Funk have just launched a regular online radio show on Japan's Samurai FM. Their show is called Sick Moves and for the first installment they've asked me to contribute an exclusive DJ mix. I had a lot of fun with this mix, keeping the BPM low and the beats chuggy, and dropping a few rare & crusty tracks from deep within my vinyl bin. Other DJs featured with their own fine mixes include Anthony Mansfield, Sneak-E Pete, and Ben Cook of Rong Music. Sick Moves is going to be a regular endeavor for Samauri FM and is just another reason to regularly check out Japan's best Internet radio site.

Click HERE to go to the Sick Moves page on Samurai FM. From there you'll see a link to directly access the exclusive Q-Burns Abstract Message DJ mix.