A Friday DJ Mix :: Q-BAM Live At Focus - Costa Mesa, CA - October 2007

To help get your weekend started, I'm going to start posting a DJ mix here every Friday afternoon. These will mainly be mixes from the archives (I've got 'em dating back to 1997) but occasionally I'll post a brand new one as I have one.

This mix is from a gig a litle over a year ago at one of my favorite nights to play on the west coast, Focus in Costa Mesa, CA. There's a great sound system, an always up for it crowd, and things are further propelled by the venue's extensive vodka selection. You can find more info on the night by going HERE.

Listen to the mix after the fold ...

Here's the mix:

You can also download this mix from its SoundCloud page located HERE but you'll have to be a SoundCloud member to be able to do so.

If you can't wait until next Friday for the next set then you can download a whole slew of Q-Burns Abstract Message DJ mixes at Qubestunes.com

A quick note if you're a promoter or club owner on the USA west coast: I've got to fill Friday, January 9 with a west coast (or thereabouts) DJ date. Please get in touch if you can help!

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the mix!