A New Q-BAM DJ Mix On Samurai.FM

The Sick Moves channel on Samurai.FM (sponsored by Blunted Funk Recordings) has just posted a new Q-Burns Abstract Message DJ mix. Here I am in the dreamy slo-mo disco mode ... lots of surprises in this mix, and a playlist that spans the years that I've been listening to music. I really like this mix a lot and plan on doing quite a few more in this style.

(If you frequent our ¡Club Queso! night in Orlando then you may have picked this up on CD at our December party ... but until now, that's the only place it's appeared ... )

The Sick Moves channel also contains lots of other DJ mixes from folks like DJ Garth, Anthony Mansfield, 40 Thieves, Joshua Iz, Sleazy McQueen, and tons more.

To check out all these DJ mixes, including my new one, click on the Sick Moves logo below. Enjoy!