A Two Part Spacey Downtempo DJ Mix From 1997

I missed last week's "Friday DJ Mix" posting (damn holiday malaise) so this week I've got a bit of surprise ... it's two sides of a cassette mix tape that I recorded way back in 1997 (and, yes, this was ripped off cassette). It's got a dark, downtempo vibe and features quite a bit of the tracks and remixes that I was recording at the time. Even though this mix is over a decade old (and I've certainly grown as a DJ since then) I still really enjoy listening to this mix and constantly find myself going back to it.

Have a listen here:

You can also download both parts of this mix from their SoundCloud pages located HERE and HERE but you'll have to be a SoundCloud member to be able to do so.
I've also got more DJ mixes available for downloading at qubestunes.com

Have a great weekend everyone! I was supposed to be gigging in Las Vegas but was thwarted by shady promoters with a knack for disappearing without a trace. Thus I'll be hiding out at home rearranging furniture and firing up the studio.