Eighth Dimension Music In Boing Boing's CES Reports

My friend Xeni and some of the Boing Boing Gadgets crew are currently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, checking out the latest gizmos and having a blast. They are getting it all on video and posting regular reports of their antics and discoveries on Boing Boing. Not only are these videos quite entertaining and interesting but they've been nice enough to soundtrack the last episodes with songs by yours truly and tracks from my Eighth Dimension label.

This first episode contains the tracks "This Time (Rivera Rotation Remix)" and "Differently (Funky Transport Remix)", which are from the Q-Burns Abstract Message album Re-Routed (Beatport, iTunes, Amazon)

This next episode features "Check It Out" by Dynagroove and "Because Blonde Wore Red" by Pimp Daddy Nash, both found on the Eighth Dimension compilation Selected Material (Beatport, iTunes, Amazon)

And the final episode (for today) contains the tracks "It's A Wonderful Life (Turntable Rocker Remix)" by Pimp Daddy Nash (Beatport), an infamous Q-Burns Abstract Message song named "Bugeyed Sunglasses", and an unreleased track of mine called "QZA".

Also, the theme song to all the episodes is "Get On The Bus" by my buddies in All Good Funk Alliance.

If you've enjoyed these video reports then be sure to regularly check out BoingBoingTV, the great daily web program that Xeni helps put together. After a few episodes you'll probably become addicted as I am. My personal favorite is this installment featuring David Byrne.playing an old building.