The Hoochie Tribute DJ Mix From 2002

Here's a DJ mix I did for the Hoochie Productions site way back in 2002 as promotion for the Hoochies Halloween Party at Knock Knock, which I was playing at. I think I dressed up as Elvis for that party. Hoocie Productions are still throwing parties in Orlando, and these are consistently the best house music parties in town. Check out their MySpace page for what they've got coming up.

Back to this DJ mix ... I think its' a lot of fun, captures my style right as it started easing into more of a disco-y flavor, and I wish I knew where I put that "Feed The Cat" record ... i really want to start playing it again.

Here's the mix ... enjoy!

You can download this mix from its SoundCloud page located HERE. Here's some news: you can now download from SoundCloud without being a registered member. But you should still register and follow me ... I'm putting new things up all of the time.
I've also got more DJ mixes available for downloading at

I hope everyone has a great weekend once again. I'm taking it off, relaxing and enjoying the rare cold weather here in central Florida. Next weekend I'll be in San Francisco for a frenzied shindig at The Triple Crown, so I'm definitely gearing up for that.