DJs and HouseHeads On Twitter

I was having a discussion last night with my friend Jaco, who is visiting Orlando for a couple months from Scotland, about online tools that I find especially successful for getting myself out there as a musician, industry hustler, and DJ. He was a little surprised when i told him that the one I'm most currently excited about is Twitter. Not only is it an unintrusive way to get my music and activities out there (no one has to follow my feeds, you know) but I still find myself having a blast using it after a solid year of doing so. I've been able to talk about many of my projects, such as the most recent Youssou N'Dour remix, and sit back as the word is spread and interest organically grows, all via a 140 character post on Twitter. Rockin'.

I've told a few DJ friends they need to get on the ball with Twitter and I get puzzled looks and a bit of resistance. The problem is, and this is sort of a cliché situation among Twitter users, it's nearly impossible to explain the benefits of Twitter without actually using it. I mean, yeah, the uninitiated may think it's just like a status update thingie a la Facebook where you punch in gems like "I'm about to eat a moon pie then take a nap". But I've gotten gig offers, remix work, people showing at my gigs and on my dancefloors, and have made a number of great contacts all as the result of Twitter use.

Things might be best explained in these articles about how musicians use Twitter, and how you, as a DJ, should be using it:
1. Twitter is radically changing the way musicians are building communities of supportive fans around them. Are you still resisting it?
2. Musicians’ Guide to Rocking Twitter
3. Musicians Twitter Roadmap
4. Imogen Heap on Twitter: Real-Time, Real-World Creative Process
(By the way, these articles were all suggested to me via Twitter. It's a great research tool, as well.)

As for the time factor, Twitter takes a lot less time then updating on many of the other social networks. My postings are kind of automatic ... I just think of something and next thing I know, I've got it posted. It's also a fun thing to post to on the road, acting as a sort of online record of my travels that not only can others see but that I can reference later (thanks for the memories). I also use it in conjunction with other social networks, such as SoundCloud which has an easy 'Share via Twitter' button so you can announce recently uploaded songs. Widgets on your MySpace and Facebook pages can display your Twitter messages across their networks as well.

These sites and marketing via the Internet in general are part of what make the modern music industry so exciting. It used to be you'd have to find a major label that would spend thousands of dollars to get you the kind of reach and awareness that you can now easily get for free. It's all about knowing the tools and not underestimating them. If you're resistant or you find this stuff distracting from your musical duties (granted, it can be) then you might want to consider finding a manager or friend to do it for you. Or maybe even add a member to your band whose main responsibility is this type of thing ... you'd be surprised how many DJ/electronic music duos out there are duos primarily for this reason.

Now on to the meat of this post: DJs on Twitter. I've compiled quite the list for your use and perusal. This is by no means a complete list as I've just noted those who I am either currently following myself or that I've run across in the last day or so. For this reason it's heavily, heavily skewed towards house music DJs. I left out some big names who have Twitter accounts but have sadly not done anything with them (no posts). I've also put my own name in there as I think I'm allowed. There's also a second list of 'dance music resources' I've run across on Twitter, such as record shops, digital retailers, magazines, clubs, and the like.

If I missed anyone who you think should be added to the list then feel free to let me know by sending a response to my post on Twitter announcing this article by clicking HERE.

And so, without further ado, House/Dance/Electronic DJs on Twitter:

djheather / DJ Heather
kingbritt / King Britt
chucklove909 / Chuck Love
johnnyfiasco / Johnny Fiasco
peterlcg / Peter Christianson, Lawnchair Generals
Doza_LCG / Carlos Mendoza, Lawnchair Generals
angelalanis / Angel Alanis
LarsLB / Lars Behrenroth, Deeper Shades Of House
qburns / Q-Burns Abstract Message
jaytripwire / Jay Tripwire
audiosoul / Mazi, Audio Soul Project
darthbleep / Justin Long, dotbleep
MusicForFreaks / Freaks
lukesolomon / Luke Solomon, Music For Freaks
jharris_freaks / Justin Harris, Music For Freaks
atnarko / Atnarko, EIGHT-TRACKS
timlovelee / Tim "Love" Lee, Tummy Touch
funkweapons / Rusty B, All Good Funk Alliance
funkytransport / Funky Transport
djpierre / DJ Pierre
RaoulBelmans / Raoul Belmans, Swirl People
andycaldwell / Andy Caldwell
joshuaiz / Joshua/DJ Iz
tommiesunshine / Tommie Sunshine
djspinna / DJ Spinna
djmes1 / DJ Mes, Guesthouse
djladyd / DJ Lady D
DistantMusic / Jon Cutler, Distant Music
jboogiejustin / J-Boogie
petedafeet / Pete Dafeet, Lost My Dog
jameszabiela / James Zabiela
demarkuslewis / Demarkus Lewis
recloose / Recloose
juliuspapp / Julius Papp
dasunlounge / Simon Newby, Da Sunlounge
juliustmt / Julius The Mad Thinker
ewanpearson / Ewan Pearson
samim / Samim
dj_m_a_n_d_y / M.A.N.D.Y.
jessesndrs / Jesse Saunders
PaulWoolford / Paul Woolford
djrap / DJ Rap
RealJudgeJules / Judge Jules
ciaotiga / Tiga
DJNickWarren / Nick Warren
FineCutBodies / Kevin Chi, Fine Cut Bodies
makktrakker / Markus Enochson
giomsoundz / Giom
TheBlackDog / The Black Dog
drexciya / Drexciya
alan_oldham / Alan Oldham
steviesole / Stevie Sole, Sole Music/Tronicsole
BrianFfar / Brian Ffar, Siteholder Records
skylab2000 / Skylab 2000
davedresden / Dave Dresden
eddie_spettro / DJ Spettro
djbadboybill / DJ Bad Boy Bill
FerryCorsten / Ferry Corsten
pvdofficial / Paul van Dyk
aaroncarl / Aaron-Carl
nightmaresonwax / Nightmares On Wax
HEYJELLYBEAN / Jellybean Benitez
sleazemore / Sleazemore
jodywisternoff / Jody Wisternoff, Way Out West
djpatrickturner / Patrick Turner, Movim
mrjesserose / Jesse Rose
markusmehta / Markus Mehta
freqnasty / Freq Nasty
therealluke / Luke Slater
jamestalk / James Talk
DJJohnDigweed / John Digweed
erolalkan / Erol Alkan
Brandonblock / Brandon Block
TimoGarcia / Timo Garcia
BookaShade / Booka Shade
soulwax / Soulwax
DJKemit / DJ Kemit
eaststlplayers / East St. Louis Players
Thugfucker / Thugfucker
djbernardjones / DJ Bernard Jones
calvinharris / Calvin Harris
rivastarr / Riva Starr
sleepyboo / Sleepy and Boo
soulclap / Soul Clap
cutlaroc / Cut La Roc
NathanLarsen / Nathan Drew Larsen
farriswheel / Gene Farris
rolandclark / Roland Clark
richardvission / Richard Vission
daveseaman / Dave Seaman
lukemckeehan / Luke McKeehan, Nordic Trax
fostergrant / Gavin Froome
kaskade / Kaskade
richmedina / DJ Rich Medina
mashibeats / Mark de Clive-Lowe
gillespeterson / Gilles Peterson
DJJeffMills / Jeff Mills
meanstreets / Carlos Da Silva
jota_wagner / Jota Wagner, Lunatic Jazz Brazil
4hero / 4Hero
SunIsShining / DJ Sun
DjBradley / DJ Bradley, Sonic Foundation
merrickb / Merrick Brown
prztz / DJ Prztz, Brazil
_Swayzak_ / Swayzak
leebu / Lee Burridge
KelvinK273 / Kelvin K
georgecochrane / George Cochrane, DJ Origami
adamwarped / Adam Warped
oscarsix / Natasza 'n' Oscarsix, Vienna
dizjuardo / DJ Diz
DJAndySmith / DJ Andy Smith (Portishead DJ)
changbang / DJ Chang
funkdvoid / Funk D'Void
morganpage / Morgan Page
CatesdpL / Cates & dpL
NickHolder / Nick Holder
dubfire_scitec / Ali Dubfire (Deep Dish)
damianlazarus / Damian Lazarus
DjOnionz / DJ Onionz
yousefcircus / Yousef (Circus)
BrothersVibe / Tony Rodriguez, Brothers Vibe
DIRTCREW / Dirt Crew
Steve Aoki / Steve Aoki
W_o_r_t_h_y / Worthy
vonstroke / Claude VonStroke
djasadrizvi / Asad Rizvi
JasonBlakemore1 / Jason Blakemore
amitshoham / Amit Shoham, Tarantic
kraaksmaak / Kraak & Smaak
SAngelloLIVE / Steve Angello
NickodemusNYC / Nickodemus, Turntables On The Hudson
DJColette / DJ Colette
leemortimer / Lee Mortimer
mikemonday / Mike Monday
SFdirtybird / Christian Martin
djsteveporter / Steve Porter
nubient / Mixmaster Morris

Dance Music Resources On Twitter:

SFvinyl / Tweekin Records, Record Shop In San Francsico
beatport / Beatport, Digital Music Store
hoochiesorlando / Hoochie Productions, Party Promoters In Orlando
UrbanTorque / Urban\\Torque, Record Label In London
DJDOWNLOAD / DJ Download, Digital Music Store
OmRecords / Om Records, Record Label In San Francisco
fabriclondon / Fabric, Nightclub In London
residentadvisor / Resident Advisor, Dance Music Web Zine & Community
SmartBar / SmartBar Chicago
junodownload / Juno Download
Groove_Riders / Groove Riders, Record Shop In Los Angeles
HedKandi / Hed Kandi, Record Label
5Magazine / 5 Magazine, Chicago
traxsource /, DIgital Music Store
thefreshpage / The Freshpage, House Music Blog
audiofamilies / audioFAMILIES, Party Promoters In France
TurnTableLabLA / Turntable Lab, Record Shop
bmsoho / Blackmarket Soho, Record Shop In London
theendup / The End Up, Nightclub in San Francisco
lostmydog / Lost My Dog, House Label In England
headtunes / Headtunes, House Label In Boston
bigshotmagazine / Big Shot Magazine
housecollective / The International House Collective, Information On House Music Events
ghostlyint / Ghostly, Electronic Music Record Label
Calsound / California Sound, Record Shop In San Diego
buzzin_fly / Buzzin Fly, Record Label In London
ministryofsound / Ministry Of Sound
samuraifm /, Online Dance Music Radio Station
GetPhysical, Get Physical, Record Label In Berlin
drfreeclouds / Dr. Freeclouds, Record Shop In Los Angeles Area
stroberecords / Strobe Records, House Music Record Label
ultrarecords / Ultra Records, Dance Music Record Label
PeteTongTV / PeteTongTV, Weekly Dance Music Video Show
BerwickStreet / Berwick Street Recordings, House Music Label In the UK
bpmmagazine / BPM Magazine
Mixmag / Mixmag, Dance Music Magazine
BuggedOut / Bugged Out, Nightclub Promoters In London
PachaNYC / Pacha NYC, Club Promoters In New York
DefectedRecords / Defected Records, House Music Record Label
DeeperShades / Deeper Shades Of House, Radio Program and Record Label
DMCDownload / DMC Download, Digital Music Store
undergroundres / Underground Resistance, Renowned Detroit Techno Label
AxisRecords / Axis Records, Jeff Mills' Techno Label
aptnyc / APT, Nightclub in New York City
hardwax / Hard Wax, Berlin Record Shop and Distributor
ninjatunehq / Ninja Tune, London-based Electronic Music Label
ClickGroove / ClickGroove, Digital Music Store
kultrecords / Kult Records, House Music Record Label In New York City
DMCUpdate / DMC Update, Dance Music Reviews Magazine and Web Site
BUZZCHART / DMC Update's Buzz Chart
xpressbeats / Xpressbeats, Digital Music Store
Junorecords / Juno Records, London-based Record Store
TronicPDX / Dancefloor Mayhem, Dance Music Blog and Radio Program
HousePlanet / HousePlanet.DJ, Electronic Music News Portal
SubClub / Sub Club, Nightclub In Glasgow, Scotland
dancetracks / Dance Tracks, Digital Record Store
Beatportal / Beatportal, Dance Music News Portal
PulseRadio / Pulse Radio, Online Dance Music Radio Station
8DMusic / Eighth Dimension Records, Electronic Funk and Dance Label
8dpromo / Eighth Dimension Promotions, Dance Label Promo Company
releasepromo / Release Promo, Dance Label Promo Company
gramaphonec / Gramaphone Records, Record Shop In Chicago
lostmydog / Lost My Dog, House Music Record Label
CompostRecords, Eclectic Dance Music Label
toolroomrecords / Toolroom Records, Dance Music Label
whatpeopleplay / What Play, Digital Shop For Word And Sound

Also, drum n' bass producer Blu Mar Ten has compiled a fantastic and extensive list of players in te drum n' bass/jungle scene who can be found on Twitter. Go to his list by clicking HERE.