Friday Night: Solid at AKA Lounge, Orlando

Right on, everybody ... you may remember a time when a little party called Holy Frijoles! (the precursor to another little party called ¡Club Queso!) was hosted in downtown Orlando at a curious upstairs spot named AKA Lounge. It's a cool club right by the corner of Pine and Magnolia, with steps leading up to a roomy, dark space tailor-made for dancing and drinking and the sorts of activities one does in nightclubs when funky tunes are playing.

And thus it's been a while since I've played there myself ... but this Saturday I'm revving up the wayback machine and returning to AKA Lounge to help launch a new regular night of house music mayhem titled Solid. I'll be joined by a trio of associates, Rob Slac, Edson Xavier, and John Stuart, as we load up the tunes and fling aural goodness out onto the floor for all dancing feet to behold.

AKA Lounge is located at 68 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801 (click HERE for map). The flyer can be found below with all sorts of information. I'll also be bringing some copies of my mix CD from last Friday's ¡Club Queso! party in case you didn't get one ... just ask.

We’ll see you on Saturday at AKA Lounge ...

Solid at AKA Lounge, April 11 2009 in Orlando, FL