8DPromoRadio: My New Monthly Radio Show

I started my "DJ career" in radio back in the late eighties, and have always wanted to somehow get back into it since. Thus, I'm working with 8DPromo and have started a monthly Internet radio program titled 8DPromoRadio. This is a two hour show hosted and mixed by yours truly focusing on new and upcoming releases in the world of deep house, touching on its downtempo, disco, and techno fringes.

So far I'm doing it with these three stations, airing at these times:
Discotheque Radio - every second Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST, and repeating each Tuesday
Play.FM - every second Tuesday at noon EST, and streaming from the site on demand afterwards
ENation.FM - every second Sunday at 9 PM EST (that's tonight if you're reading this the day I've posted it)
Click on the radio station names above to go to their web pages.

We're hoping to syndicate this to more radio stations. If you run or program a radio station (Internet or terrestrial) and would be interested in airing 8DPromoRadio then contact me by clicking HERE.

You can also listen to archives of the radio show (and download the whole program, if you'd like) at the 8DPromoRadio Soundcloud page. And, if you'd like to hear the show's mixes without hearing my voice giving the track run-downs then listen to them at the Q-Burns Abstract Message Mixcloud Page. There will be show track lists available at the Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages above.

I hope you can tune in to listen ... it's a fun program with a lot of great new music for you to check out.

Speaking of 8DPromo, this is a company I'm working with that does publicity and promotions for a number of house labels including Transport, Super Hi-Fi, Statra Recordings, Onethirty, Chillin, Tarantic, EIGHT-TRACKS, and many more. The company provides an inexpensive way for labels to get their releases to worldwide radio programs, magazine & Internet music reviewers, and big name DJs who will support the music. This stuff is essential in this age where labels otherwise will get lost in the sea of being 'just another digital label'. If you have a label or are promoting a release then maybe we can help you. For more about this check out 8DPromo here: http://www.8DPromo.com