An Offer: Get A Piece Of The Q-BAM GIg Action

My friend Ian Monroe recently had an interesting idea: about to graduate from journalism school into a risky job market, he has decided to offer a cash bounty for any job leads or referrals that result in his full time employment. It's a cool proposal, and you can read his post on it by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, I'm a traveling club DJ in an exceedingly risky DJ market. It's just so slow at the moment ... economic worries lowering club attendance means my schedule has been less and less busy. It's a shame as I love to get out there DJ'ing in my frantic style, as you probably know, and I have a bit of new label tunes out at the moment I'd like to tour behind.

Thus I've decided to borrow Ian's idea and reach out to not just the club promoters but also to those who know me or might like to come hear me DJ. So I'm offering my own bounty, or an agent's cut if you will. Here's what I propose: if you provide a lead or an introduction that results in a DJ gig for yours truly then I'll pay you a 10% cut of what I'm paid.
This means if you have a friend booking parties and can hook me up with him/her, resulting in a Q-Burns Abstract Message gig, then I'll give you 10% of my earned fee. It doesn't necessarily have to be a close friend, either. If there's a club that you think I should play and you can get me adequate info to contact that club (e-mail address preferred), then the deal stands if a gig comes out of it. This applies to gigs anywhere in the world.

As with all deals of this sort there are some rules:
1) Tips must be submitted via e-mail. Send them to If two people come to me with the same lead then the one that gets to me first is the one honored.
2) This only applies to gigs outside of central Florida. 3) Please don't just send me random lists of club e-mail addresses. Make sure that the club or promoter you recommend books DJ's in my style and might be interested in me. If I feel you're just blindly submitting club information then I have the right to void all of your submissions.
4) I'm not required to take any recommended gig if it doesn't meet my own standards (known only to me!) or throws up any sort of "red flag".
5) The 10% is from the fee post-expenses if things like flights or lodging are taken from my earnings (i.e. an 'all in' type situation).
6) If I don't get paid (i.e. shady promoter) then you obviously won't get paid. Together we can wrestle the money out of 'em if need be.
7) Your prize is awarded after completion of the DJ gig either by PayPal (preferred) or actually at the gig venue if circumstances warrant. If neither of these work for you then we'll figure something out.
8) I'm allowed to end this promotion at any time, and will add text to this page announcing this. Any leads received prior to that will be honored.
9) If you're a booking agent or club promoter who wishes to participate, in effect getting a 10% discount on your booking, then so be it. I'm easy.

This whole thing might seem a bit 'cheeky' to some, but over the past five years I've been seeing my usual promoter contacts and club venues mostly fall by the wayside. In turn, the number of venues that I am regularly playing has radically decreased. This is an attempt to make some new contacts, play some venues I haven't played before, and maybe even get to some cities I have yet to visit.

So - let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Once again, e-mail any tips to If you don't think you can help but might know someone who does then feel free to pass this message on.

I'll close this out with some quick links that you can use to find out more about me followed by a Soundcloud player loaded with my recent DJ mixes. Please pass these on to any mildly interested promoters.

I look forward to hearing from you and DJ'ing in your town soon!

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