Remix: Out Of Nowhere (and Re-Remix)

Here's an example of the different directions a remix can go. Last summer I was asked by London duo Kicksy & Alif Groove to remix their cool track "Out Of Nowhere". I guess I was in one of those moods, and I have been experimenting with the idea of 'contextual space' lately (long story), so what came out of their glassy tech-house song was this somewhat pulsating revision:

Kicksy & Alif Groove - Out Of Nowhere (Q-Burns Abstract Message Re-Remix) (Plastic Fantastic) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

It's an exercise in a bit of crafty ebb-and-flow with a dusty spring reverb supplying some of the moist atmosphere. Early 80's style goth-rock bass guitar and the surprise spaghetti western moment notwithstanding this turned into one of my favorite remixes as of late.

And, it also illustrates one of those odd situations where as a remixer I know I may not be going in the direction that the artist or label imagined for their single, but I can't stop because I'm digging the result so much. That's why, upon completion, I took this new version and decided to just remix it again, in a more decidedly club-wise fashion. Here's what we ended up with:

Kicksy & Alif Groove - Out Of Nowhere (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) (Plastic Fantastic) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

This version is a bit closer in vibe to the original track with the bouncy bassline leading the charge. Yes, there's a none-too-subtle nod to "Plastic Dreams" ... good ear. Quite different, indeed, but you'll notice the subtle connection in sounds and melody. I'm also really into the snakey bass bit where it stretches out while the space tone-hits signal on top.

I submitted both mixes to Kicksy & Alif Groove and their label Plastic Fantastic, expecting them to just go for the second mix (in which case I'd strip the first version of their elements and make an original out of it). To their credit, they enthusiastically accepted both mixes and even gave me a little bit of extra coin for my bonus work ... champions!

So, this has been recently released by the aforementioned Plastic Fantastic label in digital format, and also contains a juicy remix by Gonzalo Mattias. You can grab more information, hear previews of all the tracks, and find links for purchasing this release at the Plastic Fantastic web site ... click HERE.

Oh, and yes, the first version is called the Re-Remix and the second the Remix which doesn't make sense ... I agree it should be reversed ... but for the sake of the single it sort of plays out better this way.

Anyway, this is an installment of what I hope to be a regular Wednesday 'remix feature' series. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.