Listen: The Mercy Machine Remixes

I'm giving you something a little different this week for 'remix Wednesday.' Mercy Machine is a band I've collaborated with a few times, previously contributing a couple of remixes for their In My Bed remix collection. The band sought reinterpretations of their songs once again for their stark, religion-themed album The Devil I Know and I was certainly up for attempting a couple more. The fruits of our labor are below (and they are well-suited for these gray winter days).

As you'll hear if you check out The Devil I Know album (click HERE to give it a listen) these are hardly what you'd call easily remix-able dance tracks. Many of the songs are percussion-less, featuring just the singer's voice and some guitar. So indeed this was a remix challenge ... and I like remix challenges. Here was a chance to try out some new tricks and draw from my somewhat eclectic musical background.

Around the time I was doing these remixes I was actively experimenting with the idea of creating contexts through sonic 'mini-movies' in music, an idea I was turned on to years ago by the singer/songwriter Jim White who I was doing some production for. The lyrics for both these Mercy Machine songs easily lent themselves to various mentally visual situations. The opportunity to remix these tunes fit right in with what I was experimenting with at the time.

First up, "The Devil I Know" in which I only used the vocal and created all the other sounds and music myself. I'll leave it to you to imagine what is happening in this song but I will hint that a lonely singer is joined by quite a few (un?)welcome visitors by the end of the track:

Mercy Machine - The Devil I Know (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

The second remix I did for Mercy Machine was for the album track "I Need A New Jesus" (a Wise Blood reference, perhaps?). I based my mix around a piece of the original's guitar melody and created a sort of 'dub' around the vocal. I added some slide dobro, bass guitar, and a cheap xylophone I bought at a market in Bogota, Colombia. I like that the result kind of sounds like a gothic early-80's post punk band. Spooky stuff, I think. Anyway, there's a 'plot-line' going on in this version as well but, again, I'll leave the interpretation up to you.

Mercy Machine - I Need A New Jesus (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

These mixes are part of Mercy Machine's The Devil I Know - The Remixes. Other remixes have been provided by my friend Pimp Daddy Nash (in full on 80's electro-pop mode), Dee Banse, Argentina producer Antena, and more. The best part is Mercy Machine are giving this collection away for free, including the two remixes of mine above, in your choice of high quality digital format. You'll have to give up your e-mail address to receive the link (so, yeah, not totally free) but I think it's well worth it. To obtain The Devil I Know - The Remixes free of charge click HERE.

Once again, as a reminder, I'm always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.