Download: a Free Compilation

Our good friends at have just released a digital compilation album to coincide with the beginning of the new year. The purpose of the compilation is to highlight the many styles of house music that can be found on Stompy, and most of the tracks are, until now, unreleased. In addition to cool cuts by the likes of DJ Sneak, Johnny Fiasco, Radio Slave, Random Soul, and Lance De Sardi there is an exclusive track by your pal Q-Burns Abstract Message.

The best part about this is it's totally free. It won't cost you anything to check out & download these tracks. Convinced? Click HERE. The compilation is only available for a few weeks so be sure to grab it soon.

A little bit about my track on this compilation, titled "Melodica" : it's a techy and atmospheric house track that I recorded in the early 2000s as the lead cut on an EP for the NYC label Fiji Recordings. Unfortunately, Fiji fell victim to the plague that caused many vinyl labels to close down in the first half of the decade. Thus, this track sat unnoticed and unplayed on an errant hard drive for many years. Its original inspiration was my purchase of a melodica, an instrument that can be heard on classic recordings by artists as diverse as Augustus Pablo and New Order. I think the track still sounds pretty contemporary, and has worked well for the dancefloor in recent sets where I've played it out. There are 2 other unheard tracks from the same session (which were also to be part of the Fiji Recordings EP) ... I'll also release those for free in the next couple months so stay tuned.