Remix: Iz & Diz - "Mouth"

Remix Wednesdays return for 2010 with this manic re-work of the Iz & Diz anthem "Mouth." It's a remix in two parts ... we've got the opening bit which consists entirely of Diz's mouth sounds (save for the main drum part), then we get the "Let's start over" part replicating some otherworldly timpani/vibraphone jazz and possibly my favorite bassline that I've played. Not sure of the overall concept here, but it all seems to work and, if you couldn't tell, I remain a bit enthusiastic about it. This track also makes me wonder if Diz had this book when he was a kid like I did.

Iz & Diz - Mouth (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

This remix was released, along with a host of others, by Greenskeepers Music in August 2008. It's available to purchase via Beatport, Juno Download, and Stompy.

Once again, as a reminder, Iā€™m always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.