Hello Boing Boing Readers!

Today Xeni Jardin of the illustrious Boing Boing was featured in Amoeba Records' regular segment "What's In My Bag?" where the guest picks musical recommendations from within the store's vast inventory. The always generous Jardin gave a fantastic plug to yours truly and held up a vinyl 12" of my This Time single. I'm humbled.

So, there may be a lot of new people looking at this site today. Hello. If you'd like to check out some of my music, maybe for the first time, then know that I've got pretty much everything I've recorded streaming in its entirety on my Soundcloud page, which can be found by clicking HERE. Admittedly, that's a lot of music, so here are some suggestions as to where to start:

- I'm a big fan of the distant collaboration/Third Mind technique known as remixing, and I'm remixing all the time. So most of my latest production work involves remixes. You can listen to my most recent remixes HERE.
- I'm probably best known for my compact discs released by Astralwerks. You can listen to my first album Feng Shui by clicking HERE and the second, Invisible Airline, which prominently features the vocals of Ms. Lisa Shaw, by clicking HERE.
- I also DJ in various cities quite a bit. You probably noticed some upcoming gig dates on this web site. I've got a load of DJ mixes in various styles that you can listen to and download at will HERE.

I've also got a Facebook fan page where I post all sorts of new DJ mixes, unreleased tracks, news, and salacious gossip ... you can find this here: www.facebook.com/QBurnsAbstractMessage

Lastly, I'm can be found on Twitter where I actively post about my activities and obsessions (which generally include foreign movie poster art, Lucha Libre, and deceased beat writers): www.twitter.com/qburns

Thanks for checking me out and I really hope you like what you hear. I've got a lot of new music on the way in the coming months so stay tuned. And If you'd like to contact me and say hello then feel free to do so. I'd love to hear from you.