All About My Remix Of Scott Hardkiss' "Beat Freak"

The bulging eyeball of, one can maybe assume, Scott Hardkiss portends some serious "Beat Freak" action. It's a freewheeling cut on Scott's Technicolor Dreamer album enthusiastically giving shout-outs to folks of all shades, no matter how neon, because, when it comes down to it, we all dig freakin' to beats (yes.).

Scott hit me up to remix "Beat Freak" and I happily obliged. There was an original version of my remix that I toiled on for 4 or 5 lonely days. Long story short, I decreed it "not freaky enough" and in a calm tantrum erased all evidence and started over from scratch. 24 hours later I had the remix you hear below:

Scott Hardkiss - Beat Freak (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) (God Within Recordings) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

I liked the implications within the synthesized vocal and visualized it as a bullhorn announcement. A sort of world music bounce is applied for a global "everybody's in the club" feel. The beats and bass line are kept overly simple, serving as anchors for everything around them. The keyboard solo and emulated fretless bass were last minute ideas and make up my favorite section of this. Celebration time. I'm into it.

Upon completion I immediately had an idea for an alternate version of this. Thus we have the dub:

Scott Hardkiss - Beat Freak (Q-Burns Abstract Message Dub) (God Within Recordings) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

The plucky arpeggiated line from the first remix becomes the bass here (so much for the simple bass line) adding some dance floor motion. The energy is slightly increased, in general, with a few added synth parts and, at Scott's welcome urging after he heard a rough draft, a rising field of 'acidy' synths in the key moments.

I've been playing both of these out in my sets and they seem to work really well for the floor. I rarely have tracks of my own that I enjoy playing out (I know ... it's a producer/DJ thing. It's very silly.) so this is fun. I hope you dig it as well.

There are other cool remixes of "Beat Freak" by Paul Woolford, Fort Knox Five, and Scott Hardkiss himself. You can grab it now from Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, and many other digital shops.