Chainsaw Creativity + A Free Download

I've always been into exploring others' methods of creativity, those being the tricks and things one does to spark their artistic urges. In fact, when I was a teenager I helmed a photocopied punk rock fanzine called Plague On Wheels (bonus points if you know the reference) and every time I interviewed a band one of my questions would be "What are your methods of creativity?" Not very punk rock, I know, but I was really interested ... and I still am.

So it's no surprise that I really dig the blog Modyfier which basically asks that same question, and only that question, to a number of electronic music producers. The idea is that the musician contributes an original track or a DJ mix and then it is explained how this work came about. My friends Pezzner and Brett Johnson have been past participants and I'm pleased to announce that my own contribution just went live. You can read it HERE.

I chose the Balearic Version of the track "Chainsaw", culled from my recent EP on EIGHT-TRACKS. I thought it was interesting how this version came about, as it's almost a non-satirical parody of the original song. I talk about this and then, as an added bonus, Modyfier and I are giving the reader a free download of the song at the bottom of the post.

The label and I plan on commissioning remixes and re-edits of this version of "Chainsaw" to be released in the fall, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark or add Modyfier to your RSS reader feed. It's totally worth keeping up with for some continued insight into the creative process.