Invisible Airwaves #7 - July 2010 Edition

Suddenly another episode of my Invisible Airwaves radio show is upon us. I’m currently traversing around Brazil (a re-cap of the South America tour coming soon) but that’s not stopping another two hour DJ mix by yours truly from broadcasting on a bevy of cool Internet radio stations. Check out July’s playlist below, chock full of some of my favorite tracks of the past month:

N.O.I.A. - Korowa Milk Bar (I-Robots Remix) - Laws Of Robotics
Dom Navarra Ft. Antonio Navarra - Search 2 Find The Real (Franck Roger's Visionary Remix) - Slip N' Slide
Scott Hardkiss - Beat Freak (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - God Within Recordings
Pocketknife - Get Around To It (Ray Burst Remix) - Electric Minds
Nelue - Deconstructed (Crazy P Remix) - Lovemonk
Space Ranger - Shave Me, I'm Famous - Lovemonk
Vernon & DaCosta - Your System (Luke Solomon Remix) - Homecoming Music
Brauns & Wagner - Jazz Hustle - Soundz
Kid Culture, El Mundo & Satori - Gotta Help - Gruuv
Stefano Testa - 10 Jackson Ave - Rebirth Records
Colors Sound System - We Are One (Piano & Bass Version) - Lunatic Jazz
Beat Pharmacy feat Zoe Xenia - Original Sin (Maelstrom Vocal Mix) - Solardisco
Sunner Soul feat. Sergey Silvertone - In My Mind - Vintage Music Records
Lusine - Twilight (Elliptical Mix) - Ghostly International
Kabuto & Koji - Slow Town Girl (Original Mix) - InfraDigrecords
Alex Kentucky - Over and Over - Deep Class Records
Matt Prehn - Love Buzz - Oh So Coy
Marc Smith feat. Kevin Knapp - Hindsight Untitled & After
Laurent Garnier - Gnanmankoudji (Emperor Machine Remix) - PIAS

The show can be heard on these stations at these times:

Sunday, July 11 at 9:00 PM EST on Enation.FM
Monday, July 12 at 8:00 PM EST on Mixology Radio
Tuesday, July 13 at 12:00 noon EST on Play.FM and 9:00 PM EST on Discotheque Radio
Saturday, July 17 at 5:00 PM on Nugen FM
Monday, July 19 on BSP Radio

If you miss the show then the stations will be repeating it throughout the month. Play.FM will also have the show available on demand after its first airing. I’ll also be posting the mix to my Mixcloud page towards the end of the month as well my Soundcloud page.

If you'd like to air my monthly program on your Internet or terrestrial radio station then please contact me by clicking HERE.