@qburns Tweets Of The Week: 2010-07-11

  • whirlwind weekend completed. absolutely amazing gigs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. now a few days of needed rest then off to Brasilia ... #
  • some photos from my crazy/wonderful night at @d_edge club in Sao Paulo last Friday evening: http://ow.ly/27hmz #
  • Groovy no MP5 nessa sexta com Q-Burns Abstract Message, Robinho, Daniel D e Mahah ! Belo Horizonte : http://bit.ly/bYQKwk (via @djdanield) #
  • download King Britt's Dedication to NYC's classic Loft parties, a podcast DJ mix: http://bit.ly/90E3e1 (via @kingbritt) / essential! #
  • all this Brazil travel has made me a little sniffly. but I don't just have a cold ... it seems I might have a "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDD!" #
  • I just realized I'm halfway through 2010's Invisible Airwaves series which means there's now 12 hours of DJ mixes here: http://bit.ly/d4taoj #
  • article on William Burroughs' NY "Bunker" + the upcoming Brion Gysin art exhibit at the New Museum: http://bit.ly/aehxVC (via @supervert) #
  • I'm DJ'ing tonight at Qunita in Brasilia and couldn't be more excited ... looking forward to a great night! See here: http://bit.ly/cGO6aL #
  • oh my, the Brasilia gig was totally on point tonight! such a blast. am told the set was recorded so perhaps a listen for all coming soon ... #