Saturday In Charlotte, NC : Dharma Lounge

I'm pleased to let you know that I'll be returning, after a long absence, to Charlotte, North Carolina for a swanky event mixing art and music together into one funky pile. I'm not sure if I completely inspired this gathering but it is called "Abstract Culture," after all. Some fantastic art will be on display while I, and the resident DJs, will be supplying the soundtrack for gazing and dancing. This is happening Saturday night at Dharma Lounge … the venue is known for its top notch Turbo Sound System so it's gonna be sonically beefy as well. If you're in the area then I hope you can make it out! Details below:

Saturday, August 28

Dharma Lounge and Culture Initiative presents "Abstract Culture" : an Abstract showcase of 3D art and music with musical guest Q-Burns Abstract Message (EIGHT-TRACKS / Eighth Dimension /

and local abstractive oddballs Arthur Bros. and Nat Eichler

with 3-Dimension Abstract Art Installations from:
Jen Clay
Sam Moody
Ashley York
Jon Stanfield
Shannon Lange
Desta Stutts
Sabrina Rachal
Melanie Sherwood
Carlleena Person
Alex Cruz

9pm-2am | $5
Dharma Lounge (1440 S. Tryon St.
Ste. 105, Charlotte, NC 28203
For this event's Facebook page click HERE

join us for an abstruse evening of music and culture as we dive drinks first into the realm of the non-concrete. With buddha as our guide and Q-BAM behind the wheel we will let our artists share how their minds perceive the abstract.