Remix: Gazeebo - "Gushing Climax"

Some intentionally watery (and slightly naughty) remix action, this time inflicted upon Colorado's Gazeebo for their NC-17 rated Adults Only series. My latest trip is imagining a flowing river as I work on my productions, having the musical elements develop and dissipate naturally, like floating past structures on the shoreline. I'm playing some big, bouncy bass guitar run through a who-knows-what effect, its riff sort of being the melodic anchor. Staccato synth arpeggiations flow (yes) in and out and I'm happily able to include some cheap-sounding string pads. Head-bobbing beat-smith and a slinky disposition meet underneath a flashing red neon light. You're never too old to get carded at the door at this club. Have a listen:

This remix joins rockin' remixes by Irregular Disco Workers and Lou Teti of the same "Gushing Climax" original. It's been released through Community Recordings and can be found on Juno Download as well as other fine digital shops.