Egad! I'm Selling Some Of My Vinyl

12I've been seriously collecting vinyl since the mid-80's, constantly digging for both rare bits and the latest 12" goodies for as long as I can remember. House music, alternative and punk, rare sixties experimental electronics, Krautrock, spacey downtempo records ... hardly any genre's been left unturned. This means I've got loads of vinyl. Tons ... it's everywhere in my house. If you open my closets, look under my bed, peer into corners of various rooms in my home, you'll find stacks of the proverbial wax. Recently I've decided I need to cut back - way back - and sell off some of these treasures to others who may also appreciate and get some use out of them. The thing is, I find myself regularly only playing about 10% of my collection (which is still a lot) but that other 90% is feeling a bit neglected. So, along come the fine folks at and their easy process of listing and selling used tunes to the rescue. I have been using them for a couple years, and I'll probably break 1,000 listings in a month's time, so there's already plenty from my collection to peruse if you're game. I'm adding stuff every week, and I'm running across loads of rare titles that I'm amazed I still have. So, be sure to keep an eye on my Discogs seller's page ... no telling what I'll find hiding under my bed. Click HERE to see my Vinyl For Sale!