Two Live DJ Sets From Europe

Last month I had the pleasure of doing four DJ dates across Europe, hitting Bucharest, Moscow, Istanbul, and Glasgow. As expected, it was great fun and all the gigs were a nice success. As a bonus, I have two DJ Set recordings from the 'tour' below. These are also downloadable if you'd like to take them with you on your own tour. Have a listen:

Live in Bucharest, Romania at Téte-Å-Téte - October 14, 2011 by Q-Burns Abstract Message

Live In Istanbul, Turkey at Küçük Otto - October 18, 2011 by Q-Burns Abstract Message

As you'll hear, both sets start with the same track but then veer off in different directions. I think it's kind of nice how different these sets are even though they are only four days apart. The Bucharest set turned out to be an hour's dose of compact energy, while the two hour Istanbul set is sort of a steady builder, developing into some nice deep house at the end. I hope you like these.

If you're curious, I posted some travel pics from Bucharest and Istanbul on Google+ HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.