Invisible Airwaves #25 - January Edition

It's a fantastic start to the new year with another sprawling, eclectic batch of top tunes lovingly pasted into a seamless mix for a little radio program we call Invisible Airwaves. Some of our favorite songs from the last quarter of 2011 are represented as well as a few surprises from recent years past. We're certainly looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us musically, and we'll continue to report our discoveries within the sonic confines of these monthly two hour DJ mixes. Here's the action-packed track list for January's edition:

Kamo - Set The Routine (Halls Of Classic Remix) - Trendy Mullet Recordings
Jadoo feat. Hard Ton - Voodoo Love - Danny Was A Drag Queen
John Gazoo - Midnight Runner (John Gazoo's Cleaned Version) - Compost Disco
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Following (Dub) - Tummy Touch Records
Kohib - Tales From A Nomad (Frisvold & Lindbaek Remix) - Beatservice Records
Jubilee - Les Clochards - Hidden Recordings
RotaryDisco76 - Cotillon - Disco Volante
Leo Zero - Physical Thrill - (White Label)
Palm Skin Productions - Leave Me Again - Freerange Records
Margot - Liuff Settanta - Hell Yeah Records
Little Boots - Shake (Azari & III Remix) - 679 Recordings
Christian Malloni - North - DeepClass Records
Ryan Sullivan - MDH - Eighth Dimension Records
Epithet - Bluenote (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) - On The Prowl
Prommer & Barck vs. Zangalewa - Zangalewa (Waka Waka) (Dub) - Derwin Recordings
Los Chicharrons - Ma Do Nar (Captain Planet Remix) - Bastard Jazz
Joash - Mission (Chocolate Garage Prod. Oldschool Mix) - Compost Disco
Andi De Luxe - Boobsie Collins - Dikso Records
The Milk - B-Roads (6th Borough Project Dub) - Sign Of The Times
Amine Edge - All Night Loop (Pezzner Remix) - Tenampa Recordings

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If you miss the show then the stations will be repeating it throughout the month. Play.FM will also have the show available on demand after its first airing. I’ll also be posting the mix to my Mixcloud page towards the end of the month.

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