Invisible Airwaves #26 - February Edition

Let's be clear. Traversing mountainous landscapes through foreboding passageways is no comfortable feat, especially with eye-riddled crags watching one's every move. Easily emerging to the other side is a goal often thwarted by rockslides, chasms, and rushing waters contaminated with noxious poisons. To be fleet of foot, agile in the face of adversity, is indeed paramount. Now, with that nonsense out of the way, I welcome you to February's Invisible Airwaves mix show. Loads of new artists (at least new to me) are in this month's playlist, and the energy level has been ramped up a bit for some housier doings. Some of this might sound a little crazy. I've got a lot on my mind, and this mix has the aura of bouncy brainwaves. Don't be scared … I think you'll like it. Here's the playlist:

Roberto Bardini - Hate Me (Muteoscillator Fairy Tall Remix) - Exprezoo
Zwicker feat. Olivera Stanimirov - Oddity (Pilooski Remix) - Compost Black Label
Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton - Liberal Zee - Retrofit
Gazeebo - Bedroom Bullies (Sleazy McQueen Remix) - Gazeebo International
Billy W - Intuition - Nordic Trax
Finn Bell - Socialight - Assembly Records
Washerman - Basement Dub - Drumpoet Community
Deepeaters - Crazy Dancers - Loudeast Records
Zee & Eli - Mind Games - Flumo Recordings
Lopezhouse - Midnight In Stambul - Soundz
LawnChair Generals - Don't Stop (Looks Like Dub) - Lazy Days Recordings
Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub) - Virgin
Space Ranger - Nothing's Wrong - Lovemonk
Aikhi - Samarkand - Is It Balearic..?
Poussez - Hairy Jaw - 3am Recordings
Proviant Audio - Slutten Pa Alt (Flash Atkins Mix) - Paper Recordings
OOFT! - Billy - Foto Recordings
The M.E.B. - M5-M6 (Brennan Green Remix) - Let's Play House Records
Bocca Grande - Even If (Morning Factory Remix) - Rebirth
The Veda Rays - All Your Pretty Fates (Q-Burns Abstract Message Edit of Scott Hardkiss Remix) - God Within

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