My Re-Edit Of Scott Hardkiss' Remix Of The Veda Rays

Recently Scott Hardkiss let me hear a remix he recorded for the Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock combo The Veda Rays. I was quite taken aback at how cool it was, and loved how the gentle, wistful vocal refrain interacted with Scott's rhythm-scape. However, I was hearing the song as more like a dream, where the hypnotic groove beckoned the listener into the track, only to be greeted by the vocal at the halfway mark. So I constructed this re-edit of Scott's remix where the vocal is teased (and spaced out a bit) before it finally makes its appearance. Check it out here:

I can't take a lot of credit as pretty much everything you're hearing is that of either The Veda Rays or Scott Hardkiss. I just did some re-arranging and extra echoey bits. That said, I'm pretty stoked about this cut and I've been having a lot of fun including it in my dreamier DJ sets. It's available from Beatport right now.