Two New Remixes Freshly Unwrapped

After a bit of a production lull (working on ancient, temperamental, and often incapable computing equipment has its disadvantages, it turns out) I've somehow bounced forth this summer with two new remixes of friends' tracks, now on the market and ready to be ingested. This first one is for San Francisco DJ dude JP Soul and the newly re-launched Roam Recordings. Have a listen:

Many of the elements from the original have gone a bit topsy-turvy here; reversed, effected, distorted, stomped upon with boat shoes. One listener detected a sample from a science fiction movie but it was the wrong movie and the wrong sample. That said, there's something from some PBS advertisement that's been recorded out of the TV speaker by accident while the mic was hot. Don't even try … you'll never guess. I'm also playing a synthesizer I'm holding in a single bare palm at one point, so that's a bit of an accomplishment. Yes, there's a cowbell. Thanks for noticing.

The Backsliding EP has three cool original tracks by JP Soul in addition to my remix. It's all quite rad and you should check it out. It's available right now from Beatport, Juno Download, and Stompy. It's also going to be out on 12" vinyl very soon, which is amusing as I already artificially added some vinyl pops.

Next up is an equally curious case. Two of my favorite UK house music producers, Tom Lown and Harold Heath, approached me with a quartet of tracks based around the concept of a shared EP. That is, Tom and Harold both added tracks, then they remixed each other's tracks. I was pretty excited by this and thought the music was a bucket full of brilliant, so I offered to release this on one of my 'kinda' record labels. Minutes later reality set in and I realized that a sane person with a schedule like mine shouldn't make lofty promises. With the tracks suddenly unsigned due to my delusion, guilt set in and I instead happily offered a remix once these excellent tracks did find a home. Soon thereafter the worthy DeepWit Recordings stepped up to the plate, and I followed suit with the remix you can listen to here:

Noting the description of the EP above, you'll see that the remix is credited to both Tom and Harold and shares the titles of each of their tracks ("Tycho" and "Urbana"). That's because my rampant restlessness caused me to mix up remix parts from both songs and somehow create a 'combined remix' using elements of everything on the EP. The "Urbana" parts are probably more prevalent (as that's the main melody), but the squelchy chord power draws from the "Tycho" current. I also stared suspiciously at a drawing of Prince Jammy during the recording session and I guess that probably influenced the final version's dubwise flavor.

My remix + Tom Lown + Harold Heath = the five tracks that make up the Hal9000 EP. You gotta check this out … my remix aside, the four main tracks on this are scrumptious. It's out now through Beatport and, soon, Juno Download.

I've given my studio computer a good dose of cough syrup so there should be more remix action on the way. Be sure to support the labels above (and any others doing nifty stuff) so I get hired for future projects and can afford to purchase more computer cough syrup. If you're a label or artist in need of remixing, you like what you hear, and can handle my odd sense of ha-ha, then contact me HERE.