Invisible Airwaves #40 - April Edition

I'd like think Scott Hardkiss shared the spirit of our series of Invisible Airwaves radio shows and DJ mixes, with musical trajectories aimed in unexpected directions and sounds inspired by the past as much as they reference a possible future. It's no secret that the DJ sets of Scott Hardkiss and his chosen brothers that I heard firsthand in the mid-90s were a big influence on my own modus operandi. These impressions linger whenever I'm putting together another one of these monthly mixes. Scott's sets were filled with loads of surprises and highlighted a thoughtful, eclectic taste. This is evidenced by his Live From Room Zero mix series, some of the last mixes he recorded, which can be heard in all their glory by clicking HERE. Have a listen to those and remember … and then feel free to enjoy my own version of what Scott Hardkiss did so well. Here's this month's track list:

Lil' Mark - Memoirs - Eclectic Avenue Records
Heion - Big Fever - Retrospective Records
Sonns - On My Mind - Machine Limited
Joakim - Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix) - Tigersushi Records
Hardway Bros - A/B Musique - Throne Of Blood
Irregular Disco Workers Vs Semi-Functional - Megalopolis (The Love Supreme Hard Disko Remix) - Disco Volante Recordings
Somerville & Wilson - Le Tropique - Danny Was A Drag King
DJ Ino - The Room Of The Giants - Nordic Trax
Small Giants - Deep In It (PBR Streetgang Remix) - Eclectic Avenue Records
Fingerpaint - Change Yr Mind - Let's Play House
Cocolores - Take Your Shirt Off - Compost Black Label
Gregorythme - Woke Up In The Wrong Town - Rebirth
Semedo - Love Illusion (Suburban Dance Club Remix) - Body Work
M.D.C. - Alma - Let's Play House
Fort Romeau - Love (Dub) - Spectral Sound
Addex - Getting Away From This (Evan Marc Remix) - Apollo
Maxmillion Dunbar - Ice Room Graffiti - Rvng Intl.
Scott Hardkiss presents God Within - Why, Why, Why? (Technosoul Remix) - Sunburn Records
Bocca Grande - Room In A Clutter (Menik Remix) - Rebirth

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