Invisible Airwaves #43 - July Edition

Summertime blues is in full swing with another thrilling installment of the Invisible Airwaves mix series. A couple of new Q-BAM remixes set things off like a pair of dizzy fireworks lighting up a misty sky while the proceeding caravan of top tune discoveries blast forth like a series of bottle rockets aimed towards the stratosphere. Watch your hands. Here's this month's fiery playlist:

Sumsuch feat. Will Brock - Simpatico (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Colour and Pitch
Sulli & 5657 feat. Alexander East - Up All Night (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Hype & Soul Recordings
Evan Marc - Dormant - Innerflight Music
Stefano Esposito - Frog Pond (Moodtrap Remix) - Lost My Dog
Kain & Aber - Hey You (Ian Pooley Remix) - stir15
Casseopaya - Valparaiso - Tulipa Recordings
Fabrizio Marra - Shake It - Proceed Records Digital
Lonely Boy - When I Think About (Hot Toddy Remix) - Winding Road
Flash Atkins & 2 Billion Beats - Wilco - Paper Recordings
Pincer Movement - Moon Lovers - Godlike & Electric
Daniel Gunther - Violez Vous (KO Tune Remix) - Escapism Musique
Julian McCain - The Wall - PUMPZ
Mudkid - When The Mud Falls - Greta Cottage Workshop
Phillipé Maurice III - I'm Not In Love - Classic
UNA - The Astronomer (John Tejada Remix) - Cool Jewel Records
Rafa Larocka - Besos Duros - Nicetrax
Suburban Dream - Not Who You Said - Suburban Dream Recordings
Dauwd - And - Ghostly
James Teej - Night Wears Thin (Salax Peep Show Remix) - Rebirth Records
Close feat. Joe Dukie - My Way (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands Remix) - !K7 Records

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If you miss the show then the stations will be repeating it throughout the month. Play.FM will also have the show available on demand after its first airing. I’ll also be posting the mix to my Mixcloud page towards the end of the month as well my Soundcloud page.

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