Invisible Airwaves #45 - September Edition

We're making the case for outer space in this latest chapter of the Invisible Airwaves saga. Loads of cosmogonic sounds flourish within these tracks - pulses and echoes and blipity blips. Some of this is brand new, but then there's a sharp left turn at Saturn as a couple of our favorite tracks from the end of the last century are revisited. Back in the star saddle again. Here's this month's planet-hopping playlist:

Geiger and Lafelt - Trying To Say - Nylon Trax
Tempelhof - City Airport - Hell Yeah Recordings
Mugwump - Boutade - International Feel
Church Williams - Master Plan (CaseyDC Remix) - Breakshop Studios
DJ Steef feat. Snem K - Como Un Dios Del Olimpo - Retrofit
Jagwar Ma - The Throw (Remain Remix) - Marathon
Darren Clark - Memory Lane - Grass Green Recordings
D-Pulse - Keep On Running (Andy Hart & Max Graef Remix) - Teardrop Music
Sandrobianchi & Tripman - Mamy Blue - Whiskey Disco
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Mirrors (Maxime Remix) - Tummy Touch
Riff Clichard
- Through With Love - Foto
MOT - Onesixteen (Classic Mix) - Grouper Recordings
The Popular People's Front - Speak Swahili? - The Popular People's Front
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big (Baka - remixed by Jon Dasilva) - Playtime Records
Peter Corvaia - Wreck It - Dance:Revolt Recordings
Bumper - Get Into Position (Jimmy Edgar Remix) - Homebreakin Records
Reinier Zonneveld - Flow - Sesque Music
Purple Velvet - Death of the Warehouse (Bohemian Groove Remix) - Dirt Crew
The Zars - Some More Dope (Luminodisco Remix) - Smooth Agent Records
CKSNL - Orlando (Instrumental Mix) - Baker Street Recordings
Halfscissors - Lenoux - Cold Busted

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