Invisible Airwaves #50 - February Edition

I’m not one for numerology or giving questionable meanings to certain numbers, but #50 has a bit of finality about it and is as good as any. That’s over 100 hours of DJ mixes, and I’ve been doing them steadily each month for over four years (really?). I’ve gotten so much great feedback and sincere praise for these mixes, and it’s been a blast doing them. It’s also interesting listening to how my tastes and style have slowly changed over the course of 50 mixes. This didn’t start out as an experiment, but it certainly became one that was enlightening and fun.

So, yes - if you hadn’t guessed already, I’m suspending the Invisible Airwaves series at this latest one, #50. It’s not an easy decision … I love, love, love doing these and even when I’m unsure how the mix will come out I’m always pleasantly surprised and deeply into how the songs I’ve selected somehow fit together. And let me tell you about this latest one: it’s my favorite mix in a while. I just feel it’s particularly lovely, and it makes me believe I’m ending on a high note, which is cool.

There are a few reasons I’m ending Invisible Airwaves, and none of them are terrible. Well, I have less and less time to put these together each month, and I guess the fact I don’t have more hours in my day is kind of terrible. Making this show every month really takes a lot out of my schedule. I spend hours selecting and mixing the tunes for each episode and, as more things have plopped onto my plate, something had to give.

But on to the good news. I’m working on new music. This is my new music year and I plan on getting through it with an impressive number of tunes under the belt. The show has to step aside to accommodate this, but I’ll be happy to share some new music soon in return.

I also won’t be absent from the world of DJ mixes. For one thing, I’ll be able to do guest mixes for other shows again, which I haven’t been able to do in a while. I also will be the producer for another radio show that is launching in April that I’ll be able to tell you about soon. I won’t be mixing every month on this new show, but I will be the main ‘resident DJ.’ So I’m not going anywhere, and neither are my mixes.

You’ll notice I say above that I’m ’suspending’ Invisible Airwaves, not ending it. It’s possible I’ll change my mind, or start it up again, say, a year from now. I’m not comfortable closing that door. But, for now, I hope you enjoy mix #50. I’m thankful and humbled by your listenership these past four years. The mixes will remain … all 100+ hours of them … and I hope you continue to enjoy these spacious, personal sounds.

Here's the track list for Invisible Airwaves #50:

Kalipo - Perspicientia - Audiolith
Blaq Soul - Vision - Deeper Shades Recordings
Flashbaxx - Gold - Plusquam Chillout
Phonic Funk - Red Enigma - DCSTrax
Pavi - A Saturday Night In Berlin - Midnight Social Recordings
S&M Music Company - Walk Away - Whiskey Pickle
Time Reveals - Let My Body (Permanent Vacation Remix) - On The Prowl
d o m - Violent Express - Remote Records
Marco Fedez & Daniel Lopez - Deeper - MuSoul
Slok - You Got It - Turquoise Blue
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Dark Roots (Magick Version) - Tulipa Recordings
Verdo - Eko Tiger - Danny Was A Drag King
Larosse feat. PCCD - Menswear (In Flagranti Tape Remix) - Everyone We Know
Jacques Renault - The Fake Out (No Regular Play Remix) - Let's Play House
Aiby & The Noise - Coda - Vizual Records
LO feat. I Confess - Night Time (Mould Remix) - Container Music
Pablo Rez - Dada - Escapism Musique
Tandem Sky - Victoria (Jon Dasilva & Jonas Nilsson Remix) - Soundz Limited
jdn - Aeolian Intro - Harmonious Discord
Swag - 2 + 2 = 5 ?– Version
Hardkiss - Broken Hearts - Hardkiss Music

A big hearty 'thank you' to these stations for airing and supporting Invisible Airwaves:
Enation.FM (USA)
Mixology Radio (USA)
Play.FM (Austria)
Discotheque Radio (Brazil)
Tunnel.FM (Sweden) (Greece)
TechnoHouse.FM (USA)
2B Continued Radio (Israel)
Safari Radio 104.7 (Greece)
Inside My House Radio (Norway)
Lima Xpress (Peru)
DE Radio (Canada)

You'll find an archive of the 50 Invisible Airwaves DJ mixes on my Mixcloud page and my Soundcloud page.