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Invisible Airwaves #44 - August Edition

With the August heat ferociously bearing down and an unmanageable schedule of tasks ahead, we've decided to make this episode of Invisible Airwaves a little bit different. Since we've been flummoxed by time constraints in creating a brand new mix, two unreleased mixes from a couple years back have been fused together for show #44. Each mix has its own theme: the first half features some of our favorite Q-Burns Abstract Message remixes in a tidy sequence, while the second half features some choice bits from the catalog of the 'on hiatus' Eighth Dimension Records label. The first previously made an appearance on the Conduit podcast, while the second was a retrospective mix created for the Friday Night Session radio show on KUSF In Exile. Here they are, together forever. We hope you enjoy this pleasant detour down memory lane … check the track list:

The Mythical Beasts - Magical Creature (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Hector Works
Sleazy McQueen & B.Stalz - A Kiss On My Cheek (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Bananza Music
Cubik & Origami - Bought & Sold (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Prismatic Tracks
Kicksy & Alif Groove - Out Of Nowhere (Q-Burns Abstract Message Re-Remix) - Plastic Fantastic
Alvaro Ernesto - Deep For You (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Chillin Music
Scott Hardkiss - Beat Freak (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - God Within Recordings
Cold Hands - Angel Soup (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Blunted Funk Recordings
Brett Johnson - Missing You (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - EIGHT-TRACKS
Lovesky - Come Back To Me (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Sunburn Records
Jota Wagner - Acid Resolution (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Lunatic Jazz
Jugoe - Night Fumblings (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Bastard Jazz
Beef Wellington - Magnetic (Omegaman Remix) - Eighth Dimension Records
Swamburger - Sun-Vibes (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - Eighth Dimension Records
Q-Burns Abstract Message feat. Lisa Shaw - Differently (Neon Heights' Ruffer Than Ruff Mix) - Eighth Dimension Records
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Balearic Chainsaw (Extended Original) - Eighth Dimension Records
Pimp Daddy Nash - Box That Shut Up - Eighth Dimension Records
Hawke - Monday Comes And Goes (Jota Wagner Remix) - Eighth Dimension Records
Pimp Daddy Nash - It's A Wonderful Life (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - Eighth Dimension Records
Justin Simmons - I Need My Disco Fix - Eighth Dimension Records
Bang Bang - Bikini Days (Gavin Hardkiss Remix) - Eighth Dimension Records

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If you miss the show then the stations will be repeating it throughout the month. Play.FM will also have the show available on demand after its first airing. I’ll also be posting the mix to my Mixcloud page towards the end of the month as well my Soundcloud page.

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New Release: Balearic Chainsaw

True story: Q-Burns Abstract Message once DJ'ed underneath a weighty chainsaw covered in disco ball mirror squares, rotating roundly with silver beams flying off its blade. Imagine such a devious device honed for dance-floor devastation, its rumble tuned to bass-bin frequencies as its saw cuts through beats and melody. But we're talking about a chainsaw wielded by beardy types, waving its mirror ball excess over sunrise-stroked beach sand. We blissfully believe this could be the sound of the "Balearic Chainsaw." The original "Balearic Chainsaw" is an extended, beefier version of what was previously found on the "Chainsaw" single, released spring 2011 on EIGHT-TRACKS. The piano-fueled, flamenco guitar-kissed version was hidden as the last song in the single. To our surprise, friends and foes alike asked for a longer version to send resonating over the waterfront. The requests have been answered, and this new version features an added groove coda that should send your neighbors dancing into the moon beams. 

Who else could be more perfect for such flights of fancy than our long-time chum Scott Hardkiss? Coming off the brilliant Technicolor Dreamer album on his own God Within label, Scott tackled "Balearic Chainsaw" with a combination of gusto and happenstance. His mix is a rising force, solid rhythms and huggable bass lines anchoring a building swarm of piano, guitar, and cosmic, acid atmosphere. Not content with such mere musical coolness, Scott enlisted the gorgeous vocal contribution of Stevvi Alexander to further the "Balearic Chainsaw" message. Uplifting ain't the half of it

Then there's Scott's remarkable Dub variation. Wild swirls of sound take control of this special version, aided by the unexpected contribution of DJ Afro from Los Amigos Invisibles, supplying his own dueling flamenco guitar strums and riffs. Euphoric motion for the most summery of dance-floors … it's a classic Hardkiss maneuver. 

A party like this needs a proper come-down, and for our back-to-mine moment we've enlisted the reputable chops of Gazeebo, mainstay of Denver's Community Recordings. Working out an Italo/nu-disco throb, Gazeebo's slinky rendition hits all the tingle buttons, giving us a slow motion refuge that still packs a low-end punch. It's fitting and superb power-down for this "Balearic Chainsaw."

Kaskade - "This is really nice, beautiful vocal and perfect summer vibe.  Dig it."
Nick Warren - "Great mixes by Scott and the Gazeebo reprise is ace."
Anthony Pappa - "My favourite is "Gazeebo's Reprise" and l will play this out."
diskJokke - "Lovely tracks, full support."
Ric McClelland (Scope) - "A very nice package.. I'm digging the original, Hardkiss dub, and the Gazeboo Reprise."
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - "F**king stellar ... these mixes will be played all summer."
Justin Harris (Freaks) - "I love Scott's dub, and the original works, too, in the right place."Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - "The Gazeebo Reprise is my favorite, but the extended original is nice, too. Spacey!"
Greg Fenton (DMC Update) - "Great set of mixes, hard to choose a favorite."
Ray Mang - "Gazeebo's got some depth! Quite like the Hardkiss Dub, too."
Will SumSuch (UrbanTorque) - "Nice package with a real sense of fun. I like it a lot. The Hardkiss dub is the one for me."
Marco Fullone (Radio Monte Carlo) - "A Balearic sound masterpiece!"
Kosmas Epsilon (Proton Radio) - "Original and Gazeebo mixes are pure bliss! Amazing songs."
Dj Nova (Rodon FM Greece) - "This is the absolute Balearic release of 2011! Es Vedra found its soundtrack this year."
Harry Avers (NOICE!) - "F**king amazing Dub by Scott.... love the guitars."
DJ Naz (Buddha Bar) - "Ah, balearic classic! Absolutely superb. I see this working super well at the beach parties this year in Ibiza."

Artwork by Bai-ee

Available now exclusively from Beatport

Innocent (The Cole Medina Remixes)

Innocent Remixes

Since its original release on the Astralwerks album Invisible Airline in 2001, the Q-Burns Abstract Message song "Innocent," featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw, has seen many reappearances and remixes. The first mixes by King Britt and Lovesky released as part of the Re-Routed collection on Eighth Dimension were soon followed by stunning reworks from Joey Negro and Magik Johnson for Britain's NRK label.

Years later, Eighth Dimension was contacted by House Arrest label impresario Cole Medina requesting to revisit this track, one of his favorites, for an even newer remix. Being a big fan of Medina's excellent work, which includes his top notch remix of Sleazy McQueen's "Anna Due" and his many sought after re-edits, the label promptly handed over the "Innocent" parts anxious to hear the result. Cole Medina did not disappoint at all: he promptly delivered three completely different, fantastic remixes of "Innocent."

The first of Medina's mixes is the Nue Boogie Mix with its soulful, low-slung disco funk. Dramatic percussion and an unrelenting keyboard riff play against Lisa Shaw's expressive vocal providing a dose of ear-pleasing musical tension. Cole's Bottom Heavy Tunnel Mix increases the tempo with a late night club-ready house mix. Over the insistent four-on-the-floor rhythm a healthy wash of reverb is applied to Lisa's vocals giving this one a decidedly big room feel. The delicately sparse arrangement is tailor made for booming in an after-hours warehouse. Finally, Cole turns a total 180 with his Why Love Sucks Mix, a downtempo treatment comfortably placing the song in Portishead territory. Lisa Shaw suddenly takes the role of chanteuse as cabaret piano and emotive strings hover over the plodding, trip hop beats.

Cole Medina's return to "Innocent" precedes future singles and projects from Q-Burns Abstract Message including the upcoming "Dark Roots" and the mysterious "Balearic Chainsaw." Keeps ears locked on Eighth Dimension for more exciting sounds to come.

Innocent (Cole Medina Remixes) :: Eighth Dimension Records - 8TH30D by Q-Burns Abstract Message

Available now from Beatport / Stompy / Juno Download / Traxsource / iTunes / Wasabeat Japan

Remix: Bang Bang - Bikini Days

I'm sort of a sucker for guitars in dance music. It's probably from a youth immersed in all those Manchester bands but I do indeed like how chiming guitars and electronic drum beats go together. Thus I was immediately drawn to South African combo Bang Bang and their "Bikini Days", a cool and gentle track certainly evoking some sort of beachside romp. Quickly snatched up and released on my Eighth Dimension label, I dug the song enough to partake in a remix of my own. You can hear the result here:

Bang Bang - Bikini Days (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) (Eighth Dimension Records) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

I kind of went for a psychedelic, Balearic feel making the aforementioned guitars all twisty and using the vocal verse of the song as if it were the chorus. The rhythms build a bit and the full brunt of the bass doesn't really kick in until over halfway through (an exercise in patience on my part). I like the idea of the focused bits interchanging with the atmospheric sections, sort of like a camera lens in close-up suddenly pulling back for the wide shot.

There are other cool remixes of "Bikini Days" from Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane, Gavin Hardkiss, and Bang Bang themselves. You can listen to the single in its entirety by clicking HERE. This single is also available now from Beatport, Stompy, Trassource, and Juno Download. The cover art, by the way, was created by the fabulous Awareinjustice.

As a reminder, I'm always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE

Bang Bang - Bikini Days (Eighth Dimension Records)

15 Years Of Eighth Dimension & A Party In Celebration

It's sort of amazing that fifteen years ago I gathered with a small group of people I met at the then relatively new Phat N' Jazzy club night to plot the formation of the Eighth Dimension "collective". We're recognizing and celebrating this at an anniversary party of sorts on Friday, June 19 at the Peacock Room in Orlando. We'll see you there!