LIsa Shaw

Video: Lisa Shaw + Q-BAM Live In Denver

At the beginning of last month I had the pleasure of DJ'ing at Bar Standard in Denver, Colorado. For a portion of my set I was accompanied by my wonderful and talented friend Lisa Shaw who performed a number of her songs while I mixed the backing tracks. A recent web search unearthed the following video documentation of this event, deftly recorded by a couple of covert dance-floor inhabitants.

Lisa and I are always up for performing at your club, event, or high school reunion (I kid). Hit me up via the contact page for more information.

Gigs In Denver (with Lisa Shaw) And Salt Lake City

This weekend I'll be risking TSA pat-downs as I travel to the middle of the country for a couple of wild and woolly DJ gigs hopefully near you. Here are the details:

November 4 - Denver, CO at Bar Standard
A special gig as it will be the first time in the Mile High City that I'm joined by one of my favorite collaborators, the lovely Ms. Lisa Shaw. She'll be seducing the dancefloor with her voice as I further tempt with my beats. It's a night thrown by the Full Flavor Music label, and other DJ's joining in on hijinks are Greg Campbell (Full Flavor) and Khalib (Treehouse Collective). For more details click HERE.

November 5 - Salt Lake City, UT at W Lounge
Salt Lake City has become a regular haunt for my DJ exploits, a somewhat-yearly stop on my continuous stateside 'tour.' Nasty N8, who definitely knows how to throw a top party in SLC, will be hosting and helping with DJ duties, and the Big City House residents (Josh Max and Dan Dixon) will be supplying tunes as well. For more details be sure to click HERE.


New Release: Innocent (Presslaboys Remixes)

After the release of Cole Medina's well-received remixes of "Innocent," Eighth Dimension and Q-Burns Abstract Message believed all versions of this classic tune had been tapped. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Italian DJ duo Presslaboys have taken everyone by surprise with a new pair of stunning "Innocent" versions. It seems that Presslaboys had prodded the remix parts from the hands of Q-Burns Abstract Message in an unguarded moment, stealthily concocting their version over a few months in their secret Presslab Records studio. Fellow Italian DJ Gianluca Peruzzi joined Presslaboys on the main mix which fuses the gorgeous vocals of Lisa Shaw to a wholly original music accompaniment. The music swells and rises above notably solid club rhythms delivering a house music potion suitable for consuming in big rooms and late, late nights. The dub pares down Lisa's vocal and accentuates the shimmering music-scape as some seriously tough house beats point the way to the dance floor. All of this adds up to a nice surprise from Eighth Dimension, Q-Burns Abstract Message, and Presslaboys to close out the summer while warming up select DJ sets.

Graeme Park - "This has brightened up my day no end! Wonderful."
DJ Chus (Chus & Ceballos) - "Presslaboys main mix for me. I love it!"
Scott Hardkiss (God Within) - "Fantastic! Beautiful! Brilliant! These remixes should really tear it up in both big fancy clubs and radical underground parties. Lisa Shaw's voice is as unique as ever. Q-Burns Abstract Message is officially now on a major roll!"
Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto) - "Nice!"
Redanka (Tarrentella & Redanka) - "Good mixes! Love the dub."

Available now from Traxsource

Innocent (The Cole Medina Remixes)

Innocent Remixes

Since its original release on the Astralwerks album Invisible Airline in 2001, the Q-Burns Abstract Message song "Innocent," featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw, has seen many reappearances and remixes. The first mixes by King Britt and Lovesky released as part of the Re-Routed collection on Eighth Dimension were soon followed by stunning reworks from Joey Negro and Magik Johnson for Britain's NRK label.

Years later, Eighth Dimension was contacted by House Arrest label impresario Cole Medina requesting to revisit this track, one of his favorites, for an even newer remix. Being a big fan of Medina's excellent work, which includes his top notch remix of Sleazy McQueen's "Anna Due" and his many sought after re-edits, the label promptly handed over the "Innocent" parts anxious to hear the result. Cole Medina did not disappoint at all: he promptly delivered three completely different, fantastic remixes of "Innocent."

The first of Medina's mixes is the Nue Boogie Mix with its soulful, low-slung disco funk. Dramatic percussion and an unrelenting keyboard riff play against Lisa Shaw's expressive vocal providing a dose of ear-pleasing musical tension. Cole's Bottom Heavy Tunnel Mix increases the tempo with a late night club-ready house mix. Over the insistent four-on-the-floor rhythm a healthy wash of reverb is applied to Lisa's vocals giving this one a decidedly big room feel. The delicately sparse arrangement is tailor made for booming in an after-hours warehouse. Finally, Cole turns a total 180 with his Why Love Sucks Mix, a downtempo treatment comfortably placing the song in Portishead territory. Lisa Shaw suddenly takes the role of chanteuse as cabaret piano and emotive strings hover over the plodding, trip hop beats.

Cole Medina's return to "Innocent" precedes future singles and projects from Q-Burns Abstract Message including the upcoming "Dark Roots" and the mysterious "Balearic Chainsaw." Keeps ears locked on Eighth Dimension for more exciting sounds to come.

Innocent (Cole Medina Remixes) :: Eighth Dimension Records - 8TH30D by Q-Burns Abstract Message

Available now from Beatport / Stompy / Juno Download / Traxsource / iTunes / Wasabeat Japan

Bogota, Colombia With Lisa Shaw This Saturday

Yes, indeed. In about three hours after I post this I'm on an airplane to Bogota, Colombia, one of my favorite cities in the world. The occasion is partly some R&R, but mainly a fantastic gig to take place this Saturday night. It seems in Bogota I'll be rendezvousing with Ms. Lisa Shaw, and she'll be joining me for part of my set with her always wonderful vocal accompaniment. We haven't done this together in a while so I'm quite excited.

If you happen to be in Bogota or know anyone who is there then please spread the word. The flyer with all of the information is below, and you can visit this party's Facebook event page by clicking HERE.

Bogota, Colombia at Teatro Metro, November 28, 2009 with Lisa Shaw