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¡Club Queso! presents Chuck Love : Friday, June 4

Friday, June 4 (tomorrow!) Chuck Love visits ¡Club Queso! (the cheesiest club in town):

We feel the heat of the arriving summer and answer with a bit of Love. Chuck Love, that is. Towing a menagerie of sweet tunes and musical instruments Mr. Love aims to entertain the Queso crowd with his funky song-smith and electric personality. Chuck Love's contributions to the catalogs of Om Records and his own Love Network have filled many a house DJ's set, and his visits to central Florida have made him an Orlando favorite.

On Friday, June 4 the ¡Club Queso! conspirators plan to whisk Chuck Love down from his Minneapolis base and plop him onto the Peacock Room stage for a night of superb musical mayhem. Your friends and mine Q-Burns Abstract Message, Atnarko, and Sleazy McQueen will be on hand with supporting tunes and additional love-spreading. Love vibes, as always, will be provided by Lola B and Show Source Productions will make things sound extra lovely. We hope you'll join us for this very special ¡Club Queso!

All of this happens Friday, June 4 at The Peacock Room located at 1321 North Mills Avenue, Orlando FL 32803. Click HERE for a map or directions. $5 cover before 11 PM, $7 cover after / 21 and up

Chuck Love at ¡Club Queso! at The Peacock Room, Orlando : Friday, June 4

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¡Club Queso! Valentine's Ball at Peacock Room, Orlando

Ahh, !Club Queso! How I adore you. As February rolls around love is certainly in the air. Thus it's time for our occasional romantic getaway to The Peacock Room. There we'll find the annual Queso Valentine's Ball, with lovers-not-fighters Q-Burns Abstract Message, Atnarko, Sleazy McQueen, and Matt Harris (T.A.R.D. ... it's his birthday!) playing Cupid-fresh house music tracks. I'm positive their antics will get us in the right mood. If you need a little more to tickle your fancy then know that Lola B is providing quite an amorous décor to The Peacock Room and Show Source Productions will make things sound extra scrumptious. Oh, ¡Club Queso!, how can you resist my charms?

Let's plan a secret rendezvous. Meet me on Friday, February 5, at The Peacock Room, located near downtown Orlando by the corner of Mills and Virginia. You can see a map or get directions by clicking HERE. There’s a $5 cover, it’s 21 and up, and the first 50 people will get a token of my affection: a free cheesy mix CD.

I eagerly count the minutes until we meet again. Find me at The Peacock Room ... I'll be the one in the corner wearing a wrestling mask. XXOO

Friday, February 5 - ¡Club Ques! at The Peacock Room, Orlando

¡Club Queso! Holiday Party This Friday

"Twas the night of ¡Club Queso! and all through the club /All the creatures were dancing to the housey hubbub"

Suddenly another year of ¡Club Queso! is coming to a close and thus we celebrate with our special holiday edition: ¡La Navidad Es Para Los Luchadores! - this Friday, December 4 - at The Peacock Room.

Join your jolly hosts Q-Burns Abstract Message, Atnarko, and Sleazy McQueen as they fire up the mistletoe and DJ funky sets of gift-wrapped beats guaranteed to make you shake your jingle bells. Lola B supplies the holiday spirit décor to the Peacock Room and Show Source Productions make things sound extra-juicy. Santa-wrestling super-villians and luchadores have been invited.

This all takes place this Friday, December 4 - at The Peacock Room, located near downtown Orlando by the corner of Mills and Virginia. Click HERE for a map or directions. There's a $5 cover, it's 21 and up, and the first 50 people will get a free cheesy mix CD.

We'll see you there!

Friday, December 4 - ¡Club Queso! at The Peacock Room, Orlando

Gavin Hardkiss +++ : This Saturday In Orlando

Gavin Hardkiss returns to central Florida to entice you into the world of +++, a trek through art and music, light and sound. Gavin will be exploring the sounds of his new album (recorded under his Hawke psuedonym) and his musical history with the Hardkiss brothers in a special, rare DJ set filled with magickal moments and psychedelic song-slinging.

Visually the night will also include a display of artwork inspired by the Hawke +++ album, both created locally as well as imported from as far as Gavin's San Francisco home base. There's a video below from Gavin's +++ art and music opening a month ago in SF giving you an idea of the vibrant feel of the work.

As an added visual bonus, Gavin Hardkiss' set will be accompanied by computerized projections and images from GaryD of Factory Visuals. You may remember Factory Visuals from their scenic displays at the biggest dance music events in the southeast throughout the 90's. We've coerced Factory into creating a new set of original material exclusively for event, likewise inspired by +++. It's the first official showing by Factory Visuals in over ten years. Special, indeed!

Q-Burns Abstract Message will be master of ceremonies and presenting the opening DJ set leading to Gavin's Hardkiss madness. Gavin will also be bringing many CD copies of his +++ album with him to give away free to those who grab his attention.

All of this takes place this Saturday, November 14. At The Peacock Room, located at 1321 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 by the corner of Mills and Virginia. Click HERE for a map or directions. $5 cover, 21 and up.

Gavin Hardkiss AKA Hawke - Plus Plus Plus, Eyes Ears Touch
Factory Visuals 4.0 - The Analog Ashes vs. Digital Phoenix Appearance
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Wherever You Go, There I Am

We hope to see you there ... this Saturday at The Peacock Room!

Gavin Hardkiss at The Peacock Room, Orlando - Saturday, November 14

This Saturday at The Peacock Room with Pezzner

This Saturday night (September 5) there's a super-cool party happening at The Peacock Room in Orlando. Local deep house label Chillin Music is having its 5 year anniversary party and to mark the occasion they're flying recent collaborator Pezzner in from Seattle. I'm not sure if you know about Pezzner, one half of eccentric house music duo Jacob London, but he's one of my favorite working producers. His recent efforts for labels like Om Records, Freerange, and Urban Torque are inspirational, making him one of the few that I'll always check when seeing his name attached to a track. Rest assured you will hear some fantastic, forward-thinking house music playing in his set this Saturday ... sounds that should please the brain as well as the feet. I'm psyched.

I'm also psyched that I, Mr. Q-Burns Abstract Message, will be playing my own crazy tunes beforehand. And Chillin Music boss Rob Slac will be on hand for his own opening DJ set. Sweet.

So, yes, this happens this Saturday night at The Peacock Room, located by the corner of Mills and Virginia. Click HERE for a map. The cover is $6, it's 21 and up, and there should be some music giveaways for the early birds. Don't miss.

By the way - if you feel like heading out on Friday night as well then The Peacock Room is your choice destination once again. DJ BMF will be heading up a Phat N' Jazzy 'The Early Years' party where you'll hear all the tunes played at the onset of the 15 year old Phat N' Jazzy party ... all those amazing 'acid jazz' and 'downtempo' tracks he used to rock at Barbarella in the early 90's. I'm quite excited about this as well.

So, I suppose I'll see you at The Peacock Room on both nights!

Saturday, September 5 at The Peacock Room, Orlando FL

Pezzner - Summer Mix 09 by pezzner