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Today Xeni Jardin of the illustrious Boing Boing was featured in Amoeba Records' regular segment "What's In My Bag?" where the guest picks musical recommendations from within the store's vast inventory. The always generous Jardin gave a fantastic plug to yours truly and held up a vinyl 12" of my This Time single. I'm humbled.

So, there may be a lot of new people looking at this site today. Hello. If you'd like to check out some of my music, maybe for the first time, then know that I've got pretty much everything I've recorded streaming in its entirety on my Soundcloud page, which can be found by clicking HERE. Admittedly, that's a lot of music, so here are some suggestions as to where to start:

- I'm a big fan of the distant collaboration/Third Mind technique known as remixing, and I'm remixing all the time. So most of my latest production work involves remixes. You can listen to my most recent remixes HERE.
- I'm probably best known for my compact discs released by Astralwerks. You can listen to my first album Feng Shui by clicking HERE and the second, Invisible Airline, which prominently features the vocals of Ms. Lisa Shaw, by clicking HERE.
- I also DJ in various cities quite a bit. You probably noticed some upcoming gig dates on this web site. I've got a load of DJ mixes in various styles that you can listen to and download at will HERE.

I've also got a Facebook fan page where I post all sorts of new DJ mixes, unreleased tracks, news, and salacious gossip ... you can find this here:

Lastly, I'm can be found on Twitter where I actively post about my activities and obsessions (which generally include foreign movie poster art, Lucha Libre, and deceased beat writers):

Thanks for checking me out and I really hope you like what you hear. I've got a lot of new music on the way in the coming months so stay tuned. And If you'd like to contact me and say hello then feel free to do so. I'd love to hear from you.

Remix: Brett Johnson - "Missing You"

This is a remix out just now via Beatport, a little re-twisting of a gorgeous track by my good friend Brett Johnson. Maybe the ante gets up'ed when working with good friends as this turned out to be one of my personal favorite remixes I've ever done. I'm crazy about it.

The press release for this describes it best: "Imprisoned studio warlock Q-Burns Abstract Message was on hand to complement "Missing You" with a suspiciously spacious remix. Drawing inspiration from a pile of broken King Tubby records, Q-BAM's version rattles within a moisture-soaked cell block, building into an analog epiphany further enhanced through a steaming, dusty spring reverb box. Totally slinky for the dancefloor, it aims to beguile the rarely hypnotized."


Listen here:

Brett Johnson - Missing You (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) - EIGHT-TRACKS 8TR008 by Q-Burns Abstract Message

As stated above this is out right now on Beatport and will be available everywhere else on March 2. It's been released by the exquisite deep house label EIGHT-TRACKS. You should also check out Brett's original on the release (as well as other remixes by Alland Byallo and Brett himself) ... you can do so by clicking HERE.

Once again, as a reminder, I’m always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.

Brett Johnson - MIssing You (EIGHT-TRACKS 8TR008) - Out Now

Remix: GusGus - "V.I.P."

In the late 90's I did a 2 month US tour with the Icelandic band GusGus. This was my first big tour, doing shows every other night, living on the tour bus, the whole deal. Good fun. A year or so later the second GusGus album This Is Normal was released and my newfound friends in the band asked me to remix the track "V.I.P." Here's the result:

GusGus - VIP (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

A few fun facts (to me, at least) about this remix: I had just discovered the program Metasynth and the repeating sound loop that opens this is the vocal line manipulated through that. This mix started my predilection with recording fake stand-up bass lines which I still sort of have to this day (see my "Mouth" remix from a couple weeks ago). The second part of the mix was meant to be a 'bonus beats' version but it's timed so it can be played as an epilogue to the actual mix (and appears like this on the UK vinyl version). When I later did my live shows (on the Meat Beat Manifesto and Lo-Fidelity All Stars tours) I would usually do this 'bonus beats' bit as the last song of my set. The weird little ambient 'crackling' noises that are on this mix (and pretty much all my remixes from this period) are from a preset on a Roland JX-8P that was purchased from Dave Allen (of Shriekback/Gang Of Four fame).

I don't think this was ever released digitally ... as far as I know it's vinyl only, folks. The UK 12" version with my mix complete with bonus beats can be found on HERE. There was also a US version which has the shorter version of the mix, sans bonus beats, which you can find HERE. This second 12" is quite the curiosity in my career as I share remix credits with Francois K. and Masters At Work. So cool.

I'm still in touch with some of the members of GusGus. Their new album, titled 24/7, is quite good.

Once again, as a reminder, I’m always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for Q-Burns Abstract Message on Facebook.

Remix: Cubik & Origami - "Bought & Sold"

Just released is a somewhat dreamy remix I produced for San Francisco duo Cubik & Origami, of a cool track titled "Bought & Sold." I've always liked Origami's vocals (check him out on the EIGHT-TRACKS single "Beyond The LIne" by clicking HERE) so I was well up for this remix project.

I basically just used the vocal hook, repeated, and a couple of synth pads from the original. I wanted a bayou-like flow to define the track, to give an aural impression of calmly reaching some destination. The mid-section is a bit I'm particularly happy with ... it's quite the patient build. I've had some DJs tell me this part can be a bit frustrating but, trust me: try it on a loud system with a dancefloor inhabiting the deeper zone and the track is quite effective. Have a listen here:

Cubik And Origami - Bought & Sold (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

This is out now on Prismatic Tracks, exclusively available via Beatport. It will be reaching a more general release in a few weeks.

Once again, as a reminder, I’m always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.

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Remix: Iz & Diz - "Mouth"

Remix Wednesdays return for 2010 with this manic re-work of the Iz & Diz anthem "Mouth." It's a remix in two parts ... we've got the opening bit which consists entirely of Diz's mouth sounds (save for the main drum part), then we get the "Let's start over" part replicating some otherworldly timpani/vibraphone jazz and possibly my favorite bassline that I've played. Not sure of the overall concept here, but it all seems to work and, if you couldn't tell, I remain a bit enthusiastic about it. This track also makes me wonder if Diz had this book when he was a kid like I did.

Iz & Diz - Mouth (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

This remix was released, along with a host of others, by Greenskeepers Music in August 2008. It's available to purchase via Beatport, Juno Download, and Stompy.

Once again, as a reminder, I’m always up for remixing if your label or song is in need of something like the above. Feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.